Ridgid X4 18 Volt Cordless 5 Piece Combo Kit Review

Ridgid X4 Cordless Combo Kit Featuring Hyper Lithium Ion Technology

Over the last couple of years I’ve come to really appreciate the professional tools that Ridgid is supplying to the industry. Over the last couple of months I’ve been testing and evaluating the Ridgid X4 18 Volt Combo Kit which includes 5 tools! As with many of the brands on the market Ridgid continues to improve upon their cordless battery technology. This new combo kit features their X4 line which includes Hyper Lithium Ion.

The combo kit includes: Hammer Drill, Reciprocating Saw, Impact Driver, Circular Saw, Work Light, 2 Hyper™ Lithium High Capacity Battery Packs, Charger, Wood Cutting Recip Saw Blade, 6-1/2” Circular Saw Blade, #2 Phillips Bit, Blade Wrench, Belt Hook, Handle, Heavy Duty Contractors Bag and Operator’s Manuals.

Ridgid X4 Combo Kit Features

Hammer Drill:

  • Compact Size and Lightweight Design – fully powered hammer drill in a more compact size
  • 4-Pole Open Frame Motor – for superior power in a more compact design
  • Grip Light – engages light independently of trigger to illuminate work space
  • Hex Grip™ – innovative micro texture for secure grip and maximum user comfort
  • Model Selector – quick transition between driving, drilling or hammering modes without changing the clutch setting

Reciprocating Saw:

  • On/Off Orbital Action – offers faster performance for cutting wood
  • Pivoting Shoe – adjustable shoe can pivot freely or can be locked in 3 positions for optimal control in a variety of applications
  • Grip Light – engages light independently of trigger to illuminate work space
  • Hex Grip™ – innovative micro texture for secure grip and maximum user comfort
  • Tool Free Blade Change – makes changing blades quick and easy

Circular Saw:

  • Robust Motor – delivers the fastest cutting speed in its class at 5,000 RPM
  • Sight Line Blower – directs debris away from cut line for increased visibility
  • Grip Light – engages light independently of trigger to illuminate work space
  • Hex Grip™ – innovative micro texture for secure grip and maximum user comfort

Impact Driver:

  • High Torque Output – 1,400 in. lbs for tough applications
  • One Handed Quick-Load Bit Holder – makes bit changes quicker and easier with a snap load collet and simple ejecting bit release
  • Grip Light – engages light independently of trigger to illuminate work space
  • Hex Grip™ – innovative micro texture for secure grip and maximum user comfort
  • Removable Belt Hook – for either side of tool to keep impact driver in immediate reach

LED Work Light:

  • Dual Mode Light – easily changes from spot light to area light
  • Retractable Sky Hook – easily hangs on standard 2x workpieces
  • Lifetime LED Bulb – no need to change bulb for the life of work light

Performance and Evaluation

I’m not sure I know a single contractor today that doesn’t have some type of 18 volt cordless combo kit in their truck. Cordless batteries are so good that most of us can do a vast majority of our jobs with little reliance on power cords.

The new Ridgid X4 Cordless Combo Kit offers fiver tools for cutting, drilling, fastening and lighting the way. For my evaluation I’ve been using the tools on my new wood shop project which has included both carpentry and electrical work.

Battery Performance

The heart of this cordless system is the X4 Hyper Lithium Ion 18 volt battery platform. These new batteries offer new and improved battery chemistry for maximum performance. They also feature Triple Protection Electronics which protects the battery from overheating, overloading, and overcharging.

After using these batteries I can say they really push the tools to new performance limits. I’m especially impressed with the power and longevity when using the circular and reciprocating saw.


All of these tools are built from quality materials and really take a beating. Not only have I been using these tools around the wood shop but my crews use them as well. Let me just say they are really hard on tools….really hard…. and Ridgid tools stand up to their punishment very well.

Drilling and Fastening

Ridgid cordless impact drivers and hammer drills continue to impress me. Honestly there’s nothing I’d change on either tool. They are well balanced, offer great power and they are extremely comfortable to use. The hammer drill is nice because you can turn off the hammer feature and use it just like a regular 18V drill/driver.


This combo kit offers both a reciprocating saw and circular saw. The reciprocating saw is the only one on the market that offers orbital action for improved speed of cuts. However, the real gem in this combo kit is the circular saw in my opinion!

First of all the Ridgid cordless circular saw has the blade mounted on the right side just like my electric ones! This is a huge bonus in my book (most cordless circular saws are left mounted blades). But the really impressive thing is how it cuts. I was able to cut plywood and framing lumber and feel like I was using a corded tool. Cordless circular saws have come a long way and this one is impressive to say the least.

If I had to find one flaw with this tool it would be the dust shoot. If you look closely above you’ll see that the blade guard has a dust shoot at the back of it which is clogged with sawdust. For some reason it kept plugging up on me. I think it’s because of my hand position when I push the guard lever back. Frankly it’s not a very big deal but certainly worth pointing out.

Overall Impression

I was very impressed with the new Ridgid X4 5 Piece Cordless Combo Kit. This kit is great for all types of contractors from carpenters to plumbers and electricians. Not only is a great performing combo kit but it’s priced to be extremely competitive with the other brands. This kit is priced at $499! If you’re in the market for an 18V combo kit then this one is definitely worthy of consideration. If you want to buy one now you can at the following link:

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  1. Hiroshi Culbertson

    I recently purchased x4 kit from Ridgid.I noticed hammer drill/ drill keeps cutting out when under load. I believe way to premature. I know it has circuitry to protect battery, but a little ridiculous.

    1. Todd Fratzel

      Hiroshi – Can you be more specific on the application you’re using it for? The accessory you’re using, settings on the drill, and the actual application. Then we can get some feedback from the manufacturer.

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