RIDGID 18v Drill and Impact Driver Combo Kit with Radio Review

RIDGID 18v Drill and Impact Driver Combo Kit with Radio

RIDGID just recently updated their outstanding Drill/Impact Combo Kit to now include a free radio for the same price as the two tool kit. It’s the same kit we reviewed back in September with the addition of the radio. This post serves as a quick update to the previous kit. To read more on the drill and impact driver follow the link.

One More Tool, Same PriceRidgid radio

The new tool is a battery powered, small form factor radio with digital tuning. It also has an aux cable for streaming from your phone or mp3 player. It has minimal buttons but big sound. The radio only has one speaker but it still gets both stereo channels. This radio used to be offered in some of the bigger RIDGID combo kits but is also sold as a stand alone item for $60! Free is a lot better price if you ask me.

Specifications and Features of the Radio

  • Compatible with all Ridgid 18V batteries
  • Compact with a folding antenna for easy storage
  • Convenient carrying handle
  • Compatible with smart phones and MP3 players
  • 3 different modes: AM/FM and auxiliary input
  • Product Weight – 2.03 lbs
  • Dimensions – 8.5″ tall x 5.75″ wide x 5.9″ deep
  • Battery Life – 6 hours

What I loveRIDGID radio back

The best part about this radio besides its price is that it is ultra portable. I found myself grabbing it every time I had to go out on a job. Small jobs are when it really shines, it’s the perfect companion when knocking out the punch list. You know, those last little bits at the end of a project. A trim piece here, a little touch up paint there. Throw this radio in your tool bucket or Veto bag and head out to take care those last things.

Another thing I love is that it is bare bones. It doesn’t have a bunch of fancy features, it just works. I don’t often flip between radio stations, I don’t need preset buttons. The digital tuning is fast enough to spend a few seconds at the start of the job to get to the station I want. It also stays on the last station the next time it powers up. If you’re a creature of habit like me you’ll never miss the presets.

What could be better

Old charger on top

Old charger on top

The only issue with this kit is that if you don’t have any other RIDGID 18v cordless tools you will only be able to use 2 of the tools at once or buy another battery. A lot of times I use both the drill and impact at the same time. This would leave the radio out in the cold. The inclusion of a cheap AC adapter (and a port to accept it on the radio) would go a long way to using all three tools at once. I’m sure the radio already steps down the voltage from 18v to something in the single digits so a port and AC adapter wouldn’t be too hard to incorporate. It would add to the kit cost though and I’m sure that RIDGID has done their homework and found that $199 is a real sweet spot for this kit.

I liked the look of the charger from the old kit but the new one functions just the same although some interpretation of the lights is necessary to figure out if the battery is charging or not. Not a big deal though. Nice thing about the new one is that it is smaller.

Where to purchase

This updated kit can be found in store or online at HomeDepot.com for only $199. It is a fantastic value and a great buy for Father’s Day.

Enter the Giveaway

If you don’t feel like buying the kit but are feeling lucky be sure to enter both giveaways for this great tool set. The first one is here on Tool Box Buzz and the second is on our other site Home Construction Improvement. Enter them both, you have until 11:59 PM EST on June 16, 2013!

RIDGID giveaway

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