Bosch VAC120 Cordless Vacuum

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Bosch VAC120 Cordless Vacuum

Manufacturer: Bosch
Model number: VAC120
Price: $69.00 bare tool
Power source: 12 Volt
Weight: 1.55 pounds

Bosch VAC120 Cordless 12-Volt Vacuum

Cordless handheld vacuums are ideal if you need a small, easy-to-maneuver vacuum to clean your shop, work project, car or for quick-pickup tasks around the house.  Cordless vacuums like the Bosch VAC120 cordless vacuum is attractive to contractors because it fulfills five major components:

  • Effective
  • Lightweight
  • Maneuverable
  • Portable
  • Durable

Bosch VAC120 Cordless VacuumEffective Dust Collection

The Bosch VAC120 cordless vacuum is extremely effective and efficient at collecting sawdust, dirt and all sort of debris found in my shop.   Inside the dust canister is a micro filter that traps 98 percent of dust particles down to 1/2 micron – that’s small!   The flat filter design allows for a 11.8 ounce dust canister volume.  Bosch tapped into their automotive engineering to develop this Micro Filter System.

Lightweight and Maneuverable

The Bosch VAC120 cordless vacuum weighs in at 1.55 pounds and measuring 11 inches long.  Compact and lightweight which makes it easy to fit into small spaces as well as maneuver.  The Bosch VAC120’s crevice nozzle attachment makes, cabinets, flooring, HVA  clean-up in tight or confined spaces.

Bosch VAC120 Cordless Vacuum


Powered by Bosch’s 12-volt powerful and smallest battery, the Bosch VAC120 cordless vacuum is easily portable and when combined with a L-Boxx, storing and transporting the vacuum, charger, some batteries and even a drill driver is a breeze.


The Bosch VAC120 cordless vacuum has a durable Pro tool construction and design.  The weakest point of this tool is most likely the dust canister, relating to breakage from a drop.

The Bosch VAC120 is a perfect size and weight for post service or construction clean- up, especially  around electrical and drywall cutouts, around doors, windows, cabinets, flooring, HVAC, plumbing, appliance and air ducts.  Pretty much any service personnel looking to clean up after themselves and leave clean job and a lasting professional impression can use a vac like this one.

Compatible with the Bosch L-Boxx tool storage system, the VAC120 will be available as a bare tool (without battery or charger) for a suggested retail price of $69 USD ($89 CA)

Bosch VAC120 Cordless Vacuum


  • Compact design – compact, lightweight design delivers for comfortable use and convenient portability; also compatible with L-BOXX storage
  • Fuel gauge
  • Crevice nozzle
  • Push button clean out
  • Micro filter, captures 98% of particles

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