Bosch 18 Volt Lithium-Ion Rotary Hammer Drill RHH180

Bosch 18 Volt Lithium-Ion Rotary Hammer Drill RHH180 Bosch

First Impressions Are Lasting:

Bosch recently came out with a cordless 18-Volt Rotary Hammer.  I recently tested one out and then gave iBosch cordless rotary hammer drillt to my brother who is a licensed plumber to test out on the job site.   There are not too many cordless tools that impress him but when he picked up the RHH180 he immediately noticed the soft grip, unit size and weight.  to say he was excited to try this tool out is an understatement.

At 5.7 pounds, the RHH180 is super light and compact and will make overhead and tight quarter drilling into concrete a breeze.

 Bosch designed the RHH180 to work with both the SlimPack and FatPack lithium-ion batteries, with a monitor that ensures maximum battery life.  It also has a 30-minute charger, which is a nice feature.   If you plug a dead battery in when you get to the job site it’s ready to go by the time  your all set up.

According to Bosch, the key to the RHH180’s performance is the Bosch-engineered electro-pneumatic SDS-plus® hammer mechanism, powered by the exclusive Bosch EC motor which provides power more efficiently while requiring less maintenance and extending product life. The RHH180 also features Electronic Motor Protection (EMP) which helps prevent the unit from overheating and damaging to the tool.

Bosch claims this drill can drill up to one hundred  1/4 diameter holes at 1-1/2″ deep.   That’s impressive if true – I did not verify this.

The RDD180 is touted to provide up to 25 percent more run time than competitors.

Technical Details:

  • Unbeatable run time – up to 30 Percent more than best competitor in 18-Volt class
  • No-load speeds of up to 4,550 bpm and up to 1,400 rpm
  • Brushless EC motor – same power, but smaller and lighter weight with more efficiency, less maintenance and longer life
  • 360 in./lbs. of torque
  • weighs 5.7 lbs.
  • Pneumatic hammer mechanism – Bosch engineered for best drilling performance
  • LED light – more convenience in low light applications
  • FPS and ECP – tool works with slim packs and fat packs, monitors battery to reach maximum life.

Using the Bosch RH180:

This rotary hammer drill was impressive to use.  It easily drilled numerous holes for an install where I was screwing in Tapcons into a house foundation wall.

I was most impressed with its power to weight  performance and of course it’s compact size.

I  was not impressed with the location or brightness of the LED and feel Bosch could do a better job at that.

My brother, the plumber, told me he agreed with me on the LED light , but  was super impressed with tools power and performance.  His final words were, “this drill is inventory worthy, I’m getting them for my vans.”

Overall Impression:

The RHH180 has a compact size that provides versatility to trade professionals, such as electricians, remodelers and HVAC technicians.  Having this lightweight option in a cordless rotary hammer is a huge plus for those situations where you do not want to drag a cord or maybe you do not have power in that area.

Work smarter ~ not harder.

The Bosch RHH180 can be purchased online here:  Bosch-RHH180-01-120-Volt-18-Volt-SDS-Plus

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