Makita 18V Brushless Blower

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Makita 18V Cordless Blower XBU03Z Review

Makita 18 V Brushless Blower XBU03Z

Manufacturer: Makita
Model number: XBU03Z
Power source: 18 Volt
Motor size: Brushless
Weight: 5.1 lbs
One of the most underrated tools on a job site is the leaf blower. There’s no doubt that it makes cleaning up more efficient. The Makita 18V Brushless Blower from Makita is my go-to for both job site clean up and yard clean up around the house. 

Makita blower

An unsung hero  

Back in my landscaping days, the leaf blower was the last tool we grabbed on a job to clean up all the grass clippings, mulch, and debris left behind. Gas-powered blowers were powerful but extremely loud, heavy, and bulky and emitted some pretty toxic gas exhausts. They also required a gasoline mix. 

As a carpenter, I use a cordless blower to clean up all the dust from the client’s driveway or yard at the end of the day. Additionally, I like to blow off my tools before putting them in my truck. The Makita blower has become the unsung hero in my truck, allowing me to leave a job site spotless.

Makita 18V Blower Specifications

  • Max air volume: 459 CFM
  • Max air velocity: 116 MPH
  • Sound pressure: 63 dB(A)
  • Overall length: 32 -½”
  • Net weight with battery: 6.5 lbs
  • Net weight without battery: 5.1 lbs
  • Battery platform: 18V 

Lightweight, Powerful, and Quiet

The Makita 18V Brushless Blower is lightweight, powerful, and quiet. It runs off of one 18V battery. So, if you’re on the Makita 18V LXT platform this blower will fit right into your set-up.  It weighs in at 6.5 lbs with a 5 Ah battery, making it effortless to carry around the job site at the end of the day. 

The brushless motor is able to deliver air velocity speeds of up to 116 MPH, which is more than enough to blow debris off semi-smooth surfaces like asphalt and even rougher terrain like grass. 

It has a sound pressure rating of 63 decibels which is super quiet, and welcomed! (for comparison, a lawnmower runs on average at 90 dB). 

Since it doesn’t require any oil or gasoline and it has a brushless motor, there is very little maintenance on this blower. 

Favorite features

My three favorite features of the 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Blower are the variable speed trigger, the cruise control lever, and the in-line fan design. 


Variable Speed Trigger

The variable speed trigger allows you to adjust the airflow velocity in your operating hand which gives you more accurate control when cleaning up. You can quickly dial down the power if you’re trying to control how far you want to blow debris. The variable speed trigger also improves the battery life because you’re not on full power all the time.

Cruise Control Lever

By contrast, the cruise control lever allows you to set the power output and airflow velocity at a specific setting so that you don’t have to hold the trigger in place. This feature is great for longer periods of cleaning up. 

Yesterday I caught my boss, Rob, using the blower to clean himself of sawdust. He propped the blower on a sawhorse, set the cruise control to low, and used the blower to clean his hair, shirt, and pants of dust and debris.

In-Line Fan

Lastly, the in-line fan design really improves the tool balance and operating ergonomics of the tool. The motor fan is directly beneath your hand and in line with the rest of the tool which gives you better control and balance of the tool.  Other blowers I’ve  owed have the

It’s amazing how well balanced it feels in your hand. If you’ve been using a backpack leaf blower, you will absolutely love how easy this blower is to use. 


Using the Makita Blower On the Job Site

Just like when I landscaped, my Makita 18V Brushless Blower is the last tool I grab out of my truck each day. It works great cleaning up sawdust or PVC dust (which is particularly difficult to clean up with a broom). 

I also use it to clean my table saw, miter saw, and other tools before putting them back in my truck. I have noticed that this little step at the end of the day helps to maintain the lifespan of my tools by preventing dust build-up in key mechanical components of tools. 

Using the Makita Blower At Home

One thing I like about the Makita blower and other Makita landscaping tools is the flexibility of the platform.  During the weekday I’m using Makita tools to build and repair homes. On weekends those same 18-volt batteries power my Makita landscaping tools and help me tackle home repair and maintenance projects. Here are a few of the projects the blower comes in handy for:

  • Blowing lint from the dryer vent
  • Drying off my truck after washing
  • Cleaning out the Shed, basement
  • Sweeping sidewalks and driveways
  • Cleaning gutters of dry leaves
  • Blowing out my truck floor mats and truck floor


The Makita 18 volt blower sells for $129.00 online.

Overall Thoughts

So far this Makita blower has been a go-to clean-up tool both on the job site and at home. It’s my unsung hero, and can always be found in my truck.

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