Best New Products from World of Concrete 2024

Best New Products from World of Concrete 2024

Every year the World of Concrete show produces some awesome tool releases. Big companies have the opportunity to showcase what’s new in the coming months of 2024! Now that the dust has settled and the crew has collected our thoughts, we have put together what we feel were some of the best newly released tools shown at World of Concrete.

Of course, there were hundreds of new and innovative tools that we checked out, but these are the ones we think make a huge impact on the industry. We are going to try and get our hands on these and many more for independent reviews or in our Head-To-Head Testing.

Bosch 12v Inspection Camera

Bosch has upped their game with the release of the new 12V Max Connected 5 Ft. Handheld Inspection Camera (GIC4-23C). The GIC4-23C Inspection Camera has a high-resolution, easy-to-see 4 in. LCD that takes color images and can store up to 30 videos and photos. The buttons and menu are simple, properly marked, and user-friendly.

The inspection camera has a rubber housing combined with an IP67 (camera cable) and IP54 (tool) rating, offering the user enhanced protection on the job site. Pictured here is TBB crew Rob using the inspection scope inside a makeshift wall a the Bosch booth. The LED screen is 1280×720 pixels.

This inspection scope is one of two that Bosch will sell in a kit. Bosch will also offer an 11′ camera cord option. This will be model GIC5-27C. Both kits include a camera, batteries, charger, and a Bosch L Box with molded insert.

Diablo Amped Rebar Demon Masonry Drill Bit

A few years ago, Diablo introduced the Rebar Demon masonry drill bit solution for SDS Plus and SDS Max with a full carbide cutting head. The Rebar Demon combined Diablo’s great concrete drilling solution with the ability to cut through rebar. While those bits were definitely a game changer, they didn’t address the need for a better dust control solution. Dust control is an extremely important issue when it comes to worker health, jobsite cleanliness, and proper hole preparation for adhesive fasteners.

The Diablo Amped Rebar Demon addresses the dust control features that were missing in the original Rebar Demon. The Amped Rebar Demon has a new design that includes an exceptionally high-quality full carbide head and a stainless-steel sleeve for dust control. The innovative shaft design allows for the seamless suction of dust through a hose adaptor, resulting in a clean and efficient operation.

Diablo anticipates these Amped Rebar Demon bits to retail between $50 and $60 each and is set to be released mid to end of Quarter 2 2024.

Milwaukee Dual M18 Battery 9 Gallon Dust Extractor

The new M18 FUEL PACKOUT Dual Battery 9 Gallon Dust Extractor runs on two M18 battery packs and features twin automatic filter cleaning to maximize suction performance. The M18 FUEL Dual Battery 9 Gallon Dust Extractor combines cordless convenience with corded performance.

For more productivity on the job site, users can activate the M18 FUEL Dual Battery 9 Gallon Dust Extractor from a remote or tool thanks to VACLINK, an incorporated wireless dust control feature. In order to ensure optimal performance and maintenance of airflow levels, the M18 FUEL Dual Battery 9 Gallon Dust Extractor has an incorporated low-flow alarm that notifies the user when the airflow reaches a point where dust extraction is no longer effective.


The crew likes the PACKOUT compatibility on the top of the vacuum. This allows us to “stack and go” with the vacuum accessories or tools we need for that specific application.

The M18 FUEL PACKOUT Dual Battery 9 Gallon Dust Extractor is set to be available in quarter 3 of 2024.


DEWALT unveiled their new POWERSHIFT Battery Platform and associated power tools that use the new batteries. Here is a brief breakdown of the DEWALT POWERSHIFT batteries and power tool options coming soon.

POWERSHIFT Battery & Charger

The new DEWALT POWERSHIFT offers a high-power battery with 554 WH of capacity. This battery has pouch cell technology which allows for a more compact, lightweight design, and weighs 11.5 lbs.  DEWALT’s POWERSHIFT standard high-rate chargers can charge these large batteries in less than one hour.

POWERSHIFT Plate Compactor

The new POWERSHIFT Plate Compactor offers 3,370 ft-lbs. of force. The compactor has a large, 15.7″ plate. The controls are mounted on an ergonomically designed folding handle for increased user control and comfort. The compactor comes with a wheel kit for ease of maneuverability. It also features a water tank which will assist in keeping the dust levels lowered.


The new POWERSHIFT rammer weighs in at 132lbs. It features 2,660 ft. lbs. of impact force with anti-vibration technology. The rammer has a patent soft start and has mounted controls on the two-position handle for ease of use operation. The Rammer and the Plate Compactor have the same control panel buttons for operator familiarity.

POWERSHIFT Backpack Vibrator

DEWALT’s POWERSHIFT Backpack Vibrator is lightweight, weighing  25 lbs with the DEWALT POWERSHIFT battery installed. This backpack vibrator provides 60 minutes of continuous run-time. The pack itself has a durable roll cage with a fully adjustable high visibility harness for safety.

Vibrating head size options for both the backpack and the power pack are as follows:

  • 2-3/8″ vibrating head
  • 2″  vibrating head
  • 1-3/4″ vibrating head
  • 1-1/2″ vibrating head

POWERSHIFT Powerpack Vibrator

The POWERSHIFT Powerpack Vibrator has a manual switch but also can be activated remotely through DEWALT Wireless Tool Control.  The pack is carried with an over-body harness with the same high visibility material as the backpack vibrator. The pack has the same style of roll cage as well for protection.

Shaft length options for both the backpack and the power pack are as follows:

  • 7′ shaft
  • 10′ shaft
  • 16′ shaft
  • 21′ shaft


DEWALT’s POWERSHIFT Power Screed features fully adjustable handles for customizable height and width for user comfort. In addition, ambidextrous controls can be mounted on either handle for user preference. This power screed will run up to 90 minutes on continuous full throttle on a single battery. The screed has the power to pull a 16′ bar.

POWERSHIFT Core Drill and Stand

DEWALT’s POWERSHIFT core drill can be removed from the stand and used with a 60v FLEXVOLT battery independently. The core drill can wireless connect to the water tank with a water flow dial on the handle of the core drill so the user does not have to take their hand off the handle, allowing for a safer operation. The core drill has anti-rotational technology to prevent over-rotation in bind-up situations.

The DEWALT Core Drill will be available in September 2024. DEWALT’s new line of core drill bits will launch sometime between February and March. Additionally, the connectable water tank will reach stores this March.


DEWALT continues to focus on backward tool battery compatibility. The DEWALT POWERSHIFT adapter allows for a FLEXVOLT battery to be inserted for additional run-time on all POWERSHIFT equipment. All DEWALT FLEXVOLT batteries will work in the adapter. DEWALT recommends larger packs such as 15Ah or 9Ah for longer additional run time.

Milwaukee MX FUEL ROCKET Dual Power Compact Tower Light

Milwaukee’s latest offering in equipment lights is the new MX FUEL ROCKET Dual Power Compact Tower Light. This light provides faster set-up and maximum portability. This compact tower light is PACKOUT compatible. According to Milwaukee, this light tower gives off  five times more usable light than the Milwaukee 2131-20 M18 Rocket Dual Power Tower Light.


  • 15,000 Lumens
  • 49.5 lbs with battery
  • 2,300 SQ FT Coverage

MX Rocket Dual Power Tower Light Run-time

The MX Rocket Dual Power Compact Tower light has an AC power option if power is available on-site for unlimited run-time. Here are the projected run-times according to Milwaukee on an XC406 (XC6.0), FORGE XC8.0, and FORGE HD12.0

Setting Lumens

With the kitted XC406 (XC6.0) battery here are the lumens per setting.

  • Low – 5,000 lumens
  • Medium – 8,500 lumens
  • High – 15,000 lumens

The tower light is IP56-rated for water and dust. The light also features Milwaukee’s One Key technology for tool crib management, lockout, or theft. The MX FUEL ROCKET Dual Power Compact Tower Light is set to be available in quarter 3 of 2024.


The majority of these tools will be available over at ACME TOOLS in the coming months! Check them out here: Acme Tools

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