Milwaukee Rapid Charge Station Review

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Milwaukee Rapid Charge Station Review

Milwaukee Rapid Charge Station

Manufacturer: Milwaukee
Model number: 48-59-1807
Price: $169.00
Power source: 110V
Visit any commercial job site today and you’re sure to find battery chargers near almost every working outlet. Cordless tools have taken the industry by storm with better than corded performance out of almost every tool from circular saws to rotary hammers. This can come with a price though, battery chargers everywhere. Milwaukee is doing it’s part to solve this.

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Milwaukee’s Solution

Milwaukee recognized “battery charger hell” as a big problem and devised an elegant solution, the Milwaukee Rapid Charge Station. It was first debuted at last year’s New Product Symposium along side the 5.0 Ah batteries. After having it in the shop and on the job site for a few months our opinion remains the same, this thing is sweet. In the near future you’re going to see more of these planted on spider boxes on the job site.

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Features and Specifications

  • Charges Three Batteries Simultaneously
  • Charges Each Battery up to 40% Faster
  • Accepts up to Three M18™ and Three M12™ Battery Packs
  • No measure guides for easy wall hanging
  • REDLINK™ Intelligence: Charger Communicates with the Battery Pack to Ensure Optimum Performance and Extend Life
  • Pass Through Plug
  • Voltage: 18V & 12V
  • Warranty: 5 Years

Simultaneous Speed

The Milwaukee Rapid Charge Station’s two best features are that it can charge 3 batteries at the same time and that it charges 40% faster than their normal charger. What does this mean for you? Lets say you have 3 4.0 Ah M18 batteries. On a single charger this would take you 3 hours. On the Milwaukee Rapid Charge it would take roughly 36 minutes give or take. That is ridiculously fast. Even if you only had one battery to charge it would be 36 minutes vs 1 hour. That is a huge time savings and well worth the asking price.Milwaukee Rapid Charge -4

Overview Video

Final Thoughts

To be completely honest there isn’t anything I would change about this tool. At $169 I think it’s worth it for any Milwaukee user. Even if you only have M12 and no M18 or vice versa, the ability to charge 3 batteries simultaneously and 40% faster is completely worth the price of admission.

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Milwaukee Rapid Charge Station

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  1. SawdustTX

    Thank you for the real-world actual use update. Appreciate seeing it with some dirt and wear and hearing how well it’s worked.

    My question is this, is there a downside to charging so fast on a regular basis? Does frequent use ove this charger vs. the standard “slow” charger reduce battery life or capacity over time? I’m no expert on batteries, but I always heard that you don’t want to always rapid charge – not sure if that applies to new battery/charger technology. Does Milwaukee suggest that every so often you use the standard charger?

    Thanks for the great review, and any insight you can provide.

    1. Jeff Williams

      Great Question. I haven’t heard of or encountered any issues with fast charging yet. This charger also incorporates the RedLink tech so that it is communicating with the battery’s sensors while charging. We’ll be in Milwaukee in just about 3 weeks and will ask an engineer if there is a downside to the fast charging and then report back.

      1. SawdustTX

        Great! Thanks Jeff.

  2. Bill

    Will this charge all m18 batteries 4.0 ah to 12.0 ah

  3. SawdustTX

    Funny an update to this thread just popped up in my notifications. Were you able to ask Milwaukee about long term effects of always rapid charging? If you even remember 6 years ago! 🙂 Thanks for any insight. -Steve

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