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Bosch Power Ready Wireless Charging SystemObviously all tool brands have some great engineers that develop the tools we use to make a living. But the engineers at Bosch continuously “Geek Out” and surprise us with ideas and products that make us scratch our heads and wonder how they did it! Well they’re at it again with the introduction of their new Power Ready Wireless Charging System. We had the pleasure of a sneak peak the other day and wanted to share this neat new technology with you.

The new wireless charging system is being rolled out with an 18V 2.0 Ah battery pack with plans to release a larger “fat” pack in the Spring of 2015. This system works much like a Sonicare toothbrush system where the battery pack is charged using inductive energy transfer with no “contacts” between the charger and battery. The end result is a system that allows batteries to be charged by simply resting on the new charger.

We created a short video to highlight some of the features of the new Power Ready Wireless Charging System. In addition we’ve included the full press release below with all the serious details. It seems likely that this new system is only the beginning for Bosch which will surely develop additional features on this new cordless power system.

Power Ready Wireless Charging System Video

Bosch Transforms Cordless Tool Category with Debut of Power Ready Wireless
Charging System

Mt. Prospect, Ill., October 6, 2014 – It’s hard to imagine a single product redefining an entire industry, but Robert Bosch Tool Corporation has done just that with the introduction of the Bosch Power Ready Wireless Charging System – the world’s first for cordless power tools. Wireless charging technology meets absolute user convenience in a system that powers tools virtually anywhere: in a moving vehicle and between jobs or tasks – with the battery on the tool or off.

“This is a game-changer,” said Hagen Dost, Bosch product manager. “Our new 18V wireless charging system eliminates the need for a bin of batteries with a partial charge. Now pros can easily charge their hand-held power tools in between tasks or jobs and not worry about dead batteries. This means increased productivity and increased profits.”

Wireless Charging Station

How it Works

This power tool advancement is based on the concept of contactless energy transfer, also known as inductive charging. When the charger is plugged in and the compatible battery is placed on it, the charger begins wirelessly transmitting an alternating magnetic field. The battery, featuring an internal copper coil, acts as a receiver. As the alternating magnetic field penetrates the coil, voltage is induced and a charging current flows to the cells until full. Similar to conventional charging, the battery and charger are in constant communication during the charge process to ensure proper charge and a long battery life.

“Wireless charging opens a whole new world of convenience,” said Dost. “And the new wireless batteries are compatible with today’s complete Bosch 18V power tool offering, so users can start benefiting immediately.”

inductive charging

Each charger also features Foreign Object Detection (FOD), which detects when any other object besides the compatible battery is on the charging pad. If sensed, the charger will not turn on until the object is removed. This prevents conductive materials, such as bolts, washers, nails or even metal shavings that might inadvertently fall on the pad from heating up. The process is similar to heating coils on an electric stove.

Solving Fundamental Cordless Problems on the Job

For professionals on the go, in the shop or on site, the Bosch Wireless Charging System is changing the way they manage power. Currently, mobile service/repair technicians depend on finding a plug at their next stop or cumbersome and chaotic in-vehicle solutions for charging batteries. Jobsite trades need to hunt around for outlets on the various floors they work on. Mechanics and other shop professionals lose track of where they left their tool or spare batteries and cluttered charging stations take up space with batteries all over. Every time an assembly line or manufacturing professional has to leave their station for a spare battery, that is lost productivity. And don’t forget the buckets of backup batteries and charging stations each invests in to be sure they don’t run out of power. Each case is not only a waste of time and money, but represents a major source of frustration every time a battery runs dead.

With Power Ready Wireless Charging, the entire process is nearly effortless. For example, when working in between tasks, simply set the entire drill/driver, battery and all, right on the charger pad to top off the charge and never worry about a dead battery. Need to drive to your next service call? Wall- or shelf-mount the charger within either the WC18H mobile tool holster or WC18F charger frame to not only store your tool and battery, but charge it at the same time. It takes up less space and makes the entire process more efficient. And for those on jobsites, job box charge stations, cart mounting or even traditional applications can serve to ensure tools and batteries are always power ready where you store them. The applications are nearly limitless as professionals now have the opportunity to be confident in their cordless power tool batteries.

First Components

The components of the Bosch Power Ready Wireless Charging System include:

  • WCBAT612 – The WCBAT612 is a SlimPack 18V 2.0 Ah battery that combines the advantages of wireless charging with renowned Bosch battery technology. This battery has a charge-level indicator and is equipped with industry-leading Bosch CoolPack technology, which improves heat dissipation and extends battery life twice as long over packs without it. High-efficiency cells help users maximize productivity on the job by delivering 65 percent more runtime versus 1.5 Ah packs. As part of the brand’s Flexible Power System, the battery is compatible with all Bosch 18V power tools and chargers for maximum flexibility. Users can expect the addition of the WCBAT620 4.0 Ah 18V Fat Pack in spring 2015.
  • WC18C – The WC18C Wireless Charger will charge the WCBAT612 80 percent in approximately 30 minutes and 100 percent in 50 minutes (from empty). It features charge status indicator lights for easy recognition.
  • WC18F – Available with all Bosch Power Ready Wireless Charging System kits, the WC18F frame is designed to mount the charger to workbenches, shelves, side walls or other work surfaces, and serves as a flexible and secure holder for the battery or tool and battery (on horizontal surface).
  • WC18H – The Bosch WC18H Mobile Holster offers users the industry’s first customized charging and storage system. Professionals can mount the durable holster to any shelf or side wall for quick and convenient tool charging and storage when they’re on the go or during downtime – no need to remove the battery from the tool. Users can customize how they mount the holster to best fit their work style – vertically or horizontally, on a stationary workbench or in a truck or van – for easy grab-and-go access. Since the tool is always charging when stored, pros are power ready for the entire work day. An enclosed top with three custom inserts secures tool and battery to charger (Bosch Compact Tough and Brute-Tough DD/HDD and Impact Drivers) during bumpy vehicle travel.

Bosch Power Ready Wireless Charging System components and cordless tool kit options will be available at authorized dealers in North America in October 2014. Additional wireless charging products will roll out in spring 2015. To learn more or to locate a dealer, visit or call 877-BOSCH-99.

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