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Greenworks 80V 24 Inch Two-Stage Snow Blower Review

Greenworks 24″ 80V Cordless Two-Stage Snow Blower SKU 2609102 More and more manufacturers are jumping into the Cordless Two-Stage snow blower category and Greenworks has as well. A 24″ two-stage snow blower is great for small to medium sized driveways and walkways. This model is designed as a replacement for a traditional gas powered snow […]

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EGO 21-inch 56-Volt Snow Blower

EGO POWER+ 21 in. 56-Volt Snow Blower SNT2100 Review Christmas morning 2017 dropped 7 inches of powder snow to the Boston area. I had to clear the snow anyway, so I figured this was as good a time as ever to check out the EGO 21-inch 56-Volt Snow Blower. EGO has always impressed me as […]

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My Neglected Toro S-200 Snowblower

My Neglected Toro S-200 Snowblower About 10 years ago my elderly grandmother moved out of her suburban home and into an apartment. She had to shed all of her outdoor power equipment in the move and the item given to me was a 1979 Toro S-200 Snowblower. It is a 2-stroke fueled beast. I’ve put […]

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