Head to Head Tool Reviews

Head to Head Tool Reviews: Not sure which tool is best for you? Having a hard time deciding which Brand offers the best performance?

Look no further than our Head to Head Tool Reviews here on Tool Box Buzz. A team of contractors and carpenters led by Rob Robillard and Todd Fratzel pit some of the best tools on the market head to head and give you detailed feedback.

Each head to head tool review starts off with specifically designed tests that allow us to showcase the tool in real world applications. During the testing we typically have 5-7 individuals with varying backgrounds use the tools so we can develop a matrix of results and opinions on the tools performance.

The results are used to develop our head to head tool reviews where we compare topics like: Ergonomics, Price/Value, Speed, Power, Accessories, Durability and Performance.

Our goal is to offer you a relative comparison of similar tools so you can make a decision about which tool is best for you. We're always looking for ideas so feel free to send us a note if there's a head to head tool review you'd like to see us do next!

Latest Head to Head Tool Reviews

Best Cordless Oscillating Multi-Tools |Head to Head Comparison

Cordless Oscillating Multi-Tool Head to Head Testing Oscillating Multi-Tools (OMT) have exploded in popularity and created a huge sector of the power tool industry. These versatile tools offer contractors, renovators and DIY’ers a go-to option for a variety of cutting, grinding and sanding applications where limited space is an issue. Recent developments in battery technology […]

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Best 18V Cordless Circular Saws – Head to Head

This article was written by Phil Benevides. Photos by Ethan Bickford and Robert Robillard 18 Volt Cordless Circular Saw Comparison Testing Here at Tool Box Buzz we took an extensive look at the major 18-Volt cordless circular saw models on the market to see how they compared. With hours of cutting and critical analysis of […]

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Track Saw Comparison – Which One Is Best For You?

Track Saws From DEWALT, Festool & Makita Rob and some of his crew took a hard look at the major Track Saw models on the market and see how they “lined up”. With hours in the shop and critical analysis of each saw’s features and performance we are providing readers with a comprehensive look at […]

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