Head to Head Tool Reviews

Head to Head Tool Reviews: Not sure which tool is best for you? Having a hard time deciding which Brand offers the best performance?

Look no further than our Head to Head Tool Reviews here on Tool Box Buzz. A team of contractors and carpenters led by Rob Robillard and Todd Fratzel pit some of the best tools on the market head to head and give you detailed feedback.

Each head to head tool review starts off with specifically designed tests that allow us to showcase the tool in real world applications. During the testing we typically have 5-7 individuals with varying backgrounds use the tools so we can develop a matrix of results and opinions on the tools performance.

The results are used to develop our head to head tool reviews where we compare topics like: Ergonomics, Price/Value, Speed, Power, Accessories, Durability and Performance.

Our goal is to offer you a relative comparison of similar tools so you can make a decision about which tool is best for you. We're always looking for ideas so feel free to send us a note if there's a head to head tool review you'd like to see us do next!

Latest Head to Head Tool Reviews

Best Cordless 1 Inch SDS Plus Rotary Hammer – 2024

Top Cordless 1″ SDS Plus Rotary Hammer | Head-To-Head In our head-to-head comparison, we focused on 1″ SDS-Plus rotary hammers with drop motors, catering to the largest group of SDS-Plus users. These drills are widely utilized by mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and building trades for tasks such as installing 3″ drop anchors, wedge anchors, screw anchors […]

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Best Sawhorse Head-To-Head

The Best “Carpenter” Sawhorse 2024 I feel like I’ve been on a quest my entire career as a carpenter to find the unicorn of sawhorses. By that I mean a pair of sawhorses that stores well, are durable, open easily, support a lot of weight, and don’t break after 2 months or immediately after dropping […]

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Best Cordless 14″ Cut-Off Saw (Concrete Cutter) | Head-To-Head

Best Battery Powered 14″ Concrete Cutter (Cut-Off Saw) | Head-To-Head A Concrete Cutter sometimes called a cut-off saw, masonry saw, road saw, “consaw,” or concrete saw is a hand-held tool designed to cut concrete, asphalt pavement, rebar, steel and plastic pipe. Typical uses include making openings in walls, floors, manhole structures, road surfaces, and curbs. […]

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Best Top Handle Chainsaw | Head-to-Head | 2023

Best Battery-Powered Top Handle Chainsaw Testing This Head-2-Head will take a look at the best battery top-handle chainsaw for 2023.  Battery technology has evolved to become arguably the king of outdoor power equipment. But does it measure up to what dedicated Pros need? In 2020 the ToolBoxBuzz crew hosted our first Best Cordless Chainsaw Head-2-Head […]

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Best Cordless Blower 2023 | Head-To-Head

Best Cordless Blower | Head-To-Head What would the perfect cordless leaf blower be? Wait…can we even call them leaf blowers? I certainly don’t use mine for leaves, I use them to blow sawdust on my job sites, my tools, out of my van and tool shed, or to clean off my patio and porch. They’re […]

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Best Portable Power Supply 2023

Battery-Powered Power Station Head To Head Testing A 3000-watt portable power supply is a reliable work or home backup power source during a power disruption or outage. These generators can produce enough power to run appliances such as refrigerators, freezers, lights, computers, phones, and yes power tools! Battery-powered power stations are a viable short-term alternative […]

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Best Cordless Impact Driver Head-To-Head | 2023

Best Cordless Impact Driver There’s no doubt that Impact Drivers have completely changed the construction industry and drastically improved both productivity and quality. Impact drivers allow users to install screws, structural fasteners and small bolts more efficiently than a drill. Impact drivers drastically reduce broken fasteners, stripped screw heads and costly delays. An impact driver […]

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Best “High Capacity” Cordless Reciprocating Saw Head-To-Head | 2022

Best Cordless Reciprocating Saw (36V-60V) Head-To-Head Piggybacking off of our recent Best 18-24 volt Cordless Reciprocating Saw Head-to-Head, we wanted to bring out the big boys. We put high-capacity reciprocating saws, ranging from 36 to 60 volts up against each other to crown the Best “High Capacity” Cordless Reciprocating Saw. Cordless Reciprocating Saw Line Up […]

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Best Cordless Reciprocating Saw Head-To-Head | 2022

Best 18V-24V Cordless Reciprocating Saw Head-To-Head |2022 Over 70 years ago (1951 to be exact) Milwaukee Tools introduced the first reciprocating saw called the SAWZALL. Since then technology has advanced dramatically. Currently, there is a plethora of full-size cordless reciprocating saws that are being used on millions of job sites every day! Demolition contractors, plumbers, […]

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Best Cordless Mower 2022

Cordless Lawn Mower Head-To-Head | 2022 Like Ricky Bobby says ” If you ain’t first then you’re last.” While we love the spirit of that statement, we feel that does not hold true when it comes to the Best Cordless Mower. We feel that there is a place for cordless mowers, whether it is in a small […]

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