Worx reviews

Best Cordless Blower 2023 | Head-To-Head

Best Cordless Blower | Head-To-Head What would the perfect cordless leaf blower be? Wait…can we even call them leaf blowers? I certainly don’t use mine for leaves, I use them to blow sawdust on my job sites, my tools, out of my van and tool shed, or to clean off my patio and porch. They’re […]

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WORX NITRO 40V Lawnmower Review

WORX NITRO 40V Brushless 21″ Self-Propelled Lawnmower  (Model WG753) I recently got the chance to clean up my yard while testing out the new WORX NITRO 40V Lawnmower (Model WG753). And since summer means more outside time, I’ve got a natural increase in lawn care tasks and responsibilities. Was the WORX WG753 mower up to […]

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WORX 40V 16″ Chainsaw Review

WORX NITRO 40V 16″ Chainsaw (Model WG385) We recently got a chance to test the WORX NITRO 40V 16″ Chainsaw, Model WG385. Cordless chainsaws are an excellent choice for a couple of reasons. They are lower maintenance and overall quieter with less fumes. So I threw the WG385 into my car and brought it up […]

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