Wilton reviews

Wilton 6.5″ Multi-Purpose Vise

Wilton 6.5″ Multi-Purpose Vise (model 650P) Review I recently got a chance to test out the Wilton 6.5″ multi-purpose vise (model 650P). As an experienced steel fabrication shop manager and certified AWS welder, I understand the importance of a quality vise. Why? Because whether cutting, grinding, or fitting up metal joints for tack welds, it […]

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Wilton Tradesman 1755 Bench Vise

Wilton Tools Model 1755 Tradesman 5 1⁄2” Bench Vise Review My vises are all hand-me down cast iron monsters from my grandfather and father that were pulled out of old barns and garages, only to be put back to use. After using the new Wilton Tools Tradesman series of benchtop vises, I can’t go back […]

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