Toro reviews

Best Cordless Blower 2023 | Head-To-Head

Best Cordless Blower | Head-To-Head What would the perfect cordless leaf blower be? Wait…can we even call them leaf blowers? I certainly don’t use mine for leaves, I use them to blow sawdust on my job sites, my tools, out of my van and tool shed, or to clean off my patio and porch. They’re […]

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Toro 21″ Cordless SP Mower Review

Toro Cordless 60V MAX 21″ Recycler Self-Propelled Mower (Model 21356) With lawn care season in it’s final throws for New England, I got the chance to try out a new cordless lawn mower to help me get ready for winter: the Toro 21″ Cordless Mower, model 21356. I was excited to test out a 60V […]

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My Neglected Toro S-200 Snowblower

My Neglected Toro S-200 Snowblower About 10 years ago my elderly grandmother moved out of her suburban home and into an apartment. She had to shed all of her outdoor power equipment in the move and the item given to me was a 1979 Toro S-200 Snowblower. It is a 2-stroke fueled beast. I’ve put […]

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