Stiletto reviews

2015 World of Concrete Highlights

2015 World of Concrete Highlights World. Of. Concrete. Maybe this is a show you’ve never heard of or maybe you know that it’s the World Cup or Super Bowl of concrete and masonry innovations over the last year. For those of us in the concrete and masonry industry it’s a can’t miss event. This year […]

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Hammer Time

Head to Head Hammer Bash Hammers are one of the most widely used tools in the world and while the basic concept hasn’t changed much over the years technology has certainly pushed some significant improvements that are widely available across the market today. We reached out to a range of Brands and asked them to […]

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Stiletto TrimBar5 5 oz. Titanium Trim & Nail Puller

Stiletto TrimBar5 TrimBar 5 oz. Titanium Trim Puller Review: If you do any carpentry, remodeling or Do-It-Yourself work you most likely own a pry bar and you may even own a trim bar as well. I’ve used a trim bar for years and keep one in my tool belt at all times.  Trim bars are […]

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