Kreg reviews

Kreg® Announces New Precision Router Lift

Kreg® Precision Router Lift February 1, 2018 Kreg® is proud to introduce a great new way to take complete control of your table-mounted router: the Precision Router Lift. Take complete control of your table-mounted router to make accurate, repeatable, and reliable bit setup adjustments—plus above-the-table bit changes—using the Kreg® Precision Router Lift (Item# PRS5000). It […]

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Kreg’s New Hardware Installation Solutions

Kreg Released New Cabinet Jigs   Kreg has release new cabinet hardware installation solutions that give DIYers easy to use jigs and professionals repeatable speed with accuracy.  These jigs provide adjustable mounting guides, durability, and accuracy with pro results. The three new cabinet hardware jigs will allow you to install knobs, pulls, concealed cabinet door […]

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Kreg Foreman Professional-Grade Pocket-Hole Machine Preview

Professional Pocket-Holes at Affordable Price I’ve been using Kreg jigs for years because they work so well and allow me to build very strong furniture / joinery in a fraction of the time more traditional joints take. The announcement recently that Kreg Tool is introducing a professional grade pocket-hole machine at an affordable price is […]

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