HART Tools reviews

Comparing Manufacturer’s Warranties

Comparing Manufacturer’s Warranties Comparing warranties between manufacturers has always been difficult, if not practically impossible.  Yet we all have the same few basic questions with regard to each brand’s warranty.   So here at Tool Box Buzz, we decided to ask the vendors themselves to answer those basic questions for you in plain English.  And they […]

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HART Tool Storage

HART 36CH4XD and 36MWC5XD Tool Chest Combination Review I used to store tools and equipment in anything I had in the shop – milk crates were my favorite, and mud buckets sat in the #2 spot. The tools really took a beating and I was always wasting time looking in containers for tools. I slowly […]

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Best Cordless Lawn Mower 2020

Cordless Lawn Mower Head-To-Head | 2020 Cordless Lawn Mowers have taken over the lawn and garden section in many retail stores. Six years ago, Tool Box Buzz ran a Best Cordless Lawn Mower Head-to-Head test of five cordless mowers, so we were really interested in how the field of manufacturers has increased and how the […]

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