Weather Guard Saddle Box PowerSync Toolbox Review

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Weather Guard Saddle Box Model 127-6-03 Truck Toolbox Review

Weather Guard Saddle Pro PowerSync Toolbox Review

This tool review features the newly redesigned saddle box truck toolboxes from Weather Guard. The model shown is the Model 127-6-03 aluminum saddle box in a gunmetal gray finish.  This is not the same diamond-plate box you are accustomed to seeing. Weather Guard has brought incredible style, features, and high-tech options to the saddle box line.

Weather Guard Saddle Pro PowerSync Toolbox Review

Cross-bed style toolboxes are an almost mandatory accessory for anyone in the skilled trades or construction industry, who drives a pickup truck. Since 1968, the Weather Guard name has been synonymous with storage options for pros and consumers. The new saddle box line builds on that Weather Guard legacy started by Mr. Howard Knaack over sixty years ago.

Weather Guard Saddle Box Specs

  • Box Dimensions: 72″L x 20.5″W x 18.5″T
  • Weight: 90 Lbs.
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Construction: 5 Piece Welded
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime

Standard Saddle Box Features

In addition to a streamlined and tapered look, the Weather Guard saddle boxes all include two exterior folding tie-down points. The 127-6-03 features a gunmetal grey ARMOR Tuf powder coat finish. This finish is durable and designed to resist fading and wear. In addition to aluminum boxes, the saddle box line is available in steel all steel construction. There are also non-diamond plate options as well as black, white, and polished aluminum finishes. Weather Guard offers an option for whatever your style preferences may be.

Weatherguard Saddle Box Features

In addition to style options, there are additional depth offerings as well. The 127-6-03 is 18.5″ tall and provides approximately 10.5″ of clearance between the bottom of the box and the bed of a newer Chevy 2500 pickup truck. This gap is crucial for allowing the carrying of sheet goods with a short-bed pickup. As pictured above, full sheets of 3/4″ plywood still easily fit in the bed at an angle.

Weather Guard 1KEY ULTRALOCK

Weather Guard Saddle

Even in the locked position, the cylinder on the Weather Guard saddle box stays in the protruded position. This is different from prior generations of boxes that lock in the inward position.

With 1KEY ULTRALOCK, any Weather Guard toolbox can be coded to the same manual key. The lock systems arrive blank and need to be coded by the individual user. This is done by inserting the key into the blank lockset and rotating it. Once this is done, the lock is now coded to that key. This feature makes setting a single truck with multiple boxes to one key, a breeze. Additionally, fleet managers can key multiple truck boxes to the same master pattern key.

Weather Guard PowerSync Options

PowerSync Interior Truck Box Lights

Working in the dark sucks. Scrambling in the dark, digging through a toolbox, while using your cellphone to search for something really sucks. Thankfully, Weatherguards PowerSync PS8100 interior light kit eliminates this potential suckfest. The LED kit features a strip of bright white lights that completely illuminate the interior of the box.

Weather Guard Saddle Pro PowerSync Toolbox Review

The lights are activated by this magnetic switch. Once the box lid is fully open, the magnet is positioned to activate the lights. When closing the lid, the lights automatically turn off once the magnet is moved.

PowerSync Remote Keyless Entry

Weather Guard Saddle Pro PowerSync Toolbox Review

PowerSync brings the luxury of push-button remote keyless entry to the world of truck toolboxes. The Model PS8004 kit includes a key-fob style remote that electronically releases the top lid of the box and actuates it open. Additionally, the keyless entry system works while the box is locked. Now instead of fumbling with manual keys, users can press a button to gain access to the contents of the toolbox.

Weatherguard Saddle Box Pro

Sometimes, aesthetics are equally as important as function. Weather Guard seems to get this because every component of the PowerSync accessories are coated in the same beautiful red finish to match the other interior components of the saddle box line. The boxes look cool and also perform very well. A single remote is also compatible with up to three toolboxes on any vehicle.


Saddle Box Pro Review

Installing the saddle box is straightforward and simple. The included mounting brackets are straightforward and easy to access. However, the installation gets more complicated when including the PowerSync options. The LED light kit and remote entry options both require power. Weather Guard provides users with a couple of different ways of achieving this.

The first option is the PS8003 kit, which ties directly into the trailer hitch wiring harness on a vehicle. This option is extremely quick and easy to access. However, the vehicle that I installed the saddle box on had a fifth-wheel setup where the wiring harnesses are located inside of the truck bed. This made accessing them difficult and not an option. Instead, I used the PS8004 kit and tied the wiring harness into the truck’s fuse box in the front end. While this is a longer route to run wiring, it was still very straightforward and easy to do.

The wiring harnesses were easily secured to the existing vehicle wiring.

All of the included hardware from Weather Guard is of exceptional quality. The provided wire loom as well as all of the other wiring harnesses feature marine-grade connectors. Everything was easy to plug together once routed properly.

Room For Improvement

Overall I found the design of the saddle box to be excellent. The additional light kits and remote opener also add a serious wow factor in addition to enhanced convenience and field performance. The only of concern for me was the lack of shielding for the main electronic control unit.

Pictured above is the computer module that controls the LED lights as well as the remote opener. It must sit inside the box in order to receive the signals from the remote. Weather Guard includes adhesive tape to secure the module inside of the box. The instructions also tell the user to secure it wherever they can find space for it. We ended up putting it in the side pocket of the driver’s side due to a lack of slack in the wiring harnesses.

While this seems like a well-protected position, it also takes up some critical fast-reach space for a truck box. That area is often where I keep gloves, measuring tapes, and other frequently grabbed items. I am also concerned about potentially damaging this module when putting items back. A dedicated space for the control module with some sort of metal shielding for protection would eliminate this issue in the future.

Overall Impression of the Weather Guard Saddle Box

Overall the Weather Guard Model 127-6-03 is an excellent truck box. It features clean modern styling with well-thought-out features. I really love the metal sliding organizer tray inside of the box as well as the two D-ring tie-down hooks on the front of it. Additionally, the ability to add PowerSync options like the LED light kit and remote keyless access make this a truly modern solution for truck storage. An added bonus of the saddle box is that Milwaukee PACKOUT users can store some of their organizers inside of the box without modification. I found that many of my organizers fit perfectly inside the Weather Guard box and the reds and blacks look very good together. As I mentioned before, sometimes aesthetics are equally as important as function.

Price and Availability

Currently, the model 127-6-03 is available for $966.00 at ACME Tools. While a substantial investment, this is an exceptionally well-built, innovative, and American-made toolbox with great features. The PowerSync options are not included but can be added anytime. The keyless entry kit is available for $241.99 and the LED light kit is currently priced at $101.99. Overall these add-ons offer excellent value. Follow the Buy Now link below to purchase a Weather Guard saddle box or any other accessories from our friends at ACME Tools.

Saddle Aluminum Truck Toolbox

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