Milwaukee Mid Torque Impact Wrench Review

Milwaukee Mid Torque Impact Wrench Review (Model 2861-22)

Many times we see the latest and greatest new tools at a manufacturer’s media event. For Milwaukee, the event is right around the first week of June every year, dubbed the New Product Symposium. It was at this event that we’ve seen some amazing new tools. Sometimes though they release a tool mid season. Sort of like that kid in school that was so excited to share in class that he couldn’t wait to get called on by the teacher, he just had to blurt it out. The Milwaukee Mid Torque Impact Wrench is one of those tools. It is just so good, it just had to be shared right away.Milwaukee Mid Torque -2

Milwaukee Mid Torque Features and Specs

  • Delivers up to 450 ft-lbs of Fastening Torque and 600 ft-lbs of Nut-Busting Torque
  • 3-Mode DRIVE CONTROL™ provides greater control over output speed and power with a max RPM of 2,400
  • Compact length at 6.7” to allow for more access in tight spaces
  • Lightweight tool at 5.3lbs w/ 5.0Ah battery for less fatigue improved rubber overmold to withstand corrosive materials
  • LED Light
  • Available in Friction Ring or Pin Detent design for maximum socket retention
  • Battery – M18
  • Warranty – 5 year tool, 3 year battery
  • Length – 6.77″
  • Height – 10.1″
  • Width – 2.7″

Milwaukee Mid Torque In Use

Automotive/Fleet Applications

The most obvious use case for the Mid Torque is in automotive/fleet applications. Recently I had to replace the hubs on my old 2002 GMC Sierra 1500. The old beater had the same ABS sensor problem as every other GM truck that is used in the rust belt. Rust built up under the sensor and jacked it up so that the ABS would go off at slow speeds in all conditions. The fix involves removing the sensors and cleaning the rust off but my hubs were too far gone. It all had to be replaced.Milwaukee Mid Torque -5

Replacing the hubs was a great test for the Mid Torque. It easily loosened and removed the lugs (22 mm). It also easily spun off the axle nut on the end of the CV shaft. The axle nut is 1-3/8″/35mm in size. I had to use a 1/2″ to 3/4″ adapter because we only have the big sockets in 3/4″ drive. The tool was obviously nose heavy but had no trouble spinning this nut off. It was torqued to 177 ft lbs, no problem when you have 600 ft lbs on tap.Milwaukee Mid Torque -3

Fleet maintenance is another great use case. The fleet mechanic at our construction company has been using it almost non-stop since I gave one to him. He’s rebuilt under carriages on the skid loaders, replaced an axel or two on some of our heavy duty trailers, and wrenched on a lot of our other equipment. All the while the pneumatic impact gathers more dust under the bench.

Construction Fastening Applications

Milwaukee Mid Torque -9This photo is of my son when I took him to see the 450 ton crane on one of our job sites. See that steel building in the background? The entire structure of that building was put up using the mid torque. Yeah, the whole building.

Additional fastening applications we’ve been using it a lot for is installing screw anchors, large diameter Tapcons, or Titans. We have a lot of manufacturing facilities in my town and new, more efficient machines are installed all the time. When a new machine is to be installed they usually have different power and pad requirements than the old machine. That means we have to tear up the old floor, install the new requirements, and re-pour the floor.

We use these fasteners when tearing up floors. Cut the floor into manageable chunks, mount a d-ring into the chunk, lift the chunk out with the skid loader or forklift. It is way cleaner and faster than breaking the floor up into tiny pieces with a jack hammer and then scooping them out with the bucket. The mid torque is perfect for driving these fasteners.Milwaukee Mid Torque -8

What I Love

This baby is the Goldilocks of cordless impact wrenches. It is just right when it comes to power and weight. Not too heavy, not too long, not too weak. It’s good for mechanics and contractors alike. It’s small enough to be included as part of my mobile kit. If I get a flat on the side of the road you won’t see me get out the tire iron. Nah, I’ll be going for a new tire change record with the Milwaukee Mid Torque.

What Could Be Improved

There really isn’t much to complain about with this tool. It kicks ass. If I had to complain about something though, maybe it would be the LED light placement. I’ve never been a huge fan of Milwaukee’s choice and placement of their 1 LED per tool. It always casts a shadow at the accessory. If they could somehow get 3 lights placed up around the gear case assembly, I’d have nothing to complain about.

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