Magnum Rear Rack System Review

Magnum Rear Rack System Review

Magnum Rear Rack System

Manufacturer: The Shyft Group - Magnum
Model number: Rear Rack System
Price: $449.00
In May of 2021, we teamed up with the Shyft Group and did an in-depth review of the Magnum Headache Rack. Recently we teamed up with the Shyft Group again, this time for the Rear Rack System which works in conjunction with the Headache rack.

Anyone who utilizes their truck to move longer products will benefit from a rack system. Back rack systems are incredibly versatile and are becoming increasingly popular among contractors who need ladders and other equipment, as well as outdoorsmen lugging their canoes, kayaks, and other gear.


Installing on My Ford F150

Installation on the Rear Rack System took just a few minutes and a 1/2″ socket and socket wrench. The rear rack kit comes with 4 black powder-coated installation clips which secure the vertical legs to your bed rail. Tightening them down with socket now you can move to install the rear rack tub with the same size bolts. Once these were secured you can add the quick-adjust cargo stops in and boom installation is complete.

Matching the Rear Rack System Up to Your Headache Rack

If you decide to add this system to your truck there will be some information you are going to need. You will need to know what size height you are going to need. The rear racks come in 4 sizes; 11″, 14″, 17″ and 20″. You need to make sure that the rack is slightly lower than the headache rack you are pairing it up with. This will ensure that your long goods will not hit the roof of your truck if or when it bounces. For my install, I needed to use the 17″ vertical legs.


Glide Track System

The rear rack system comes with Magnum’s Glide Track system. This system allows for quickly securing loads like ladders, piping, or long pieces of lumber. The quick-adjust cargo stops slide into the Glide Track System and are easily maneuvered to cater to the side load you are carrying.

Safe and Secure

It is your obligation to ensure the safety of your shipment. There’s no denying that the Magnum RRS keeps your stuff safe. These racks are made of robust aluminum and will carry the weight you need! While we haven’t put a huge or heavy load on our system, we have utilized it to transfer ladders and materials for framing.

Magnum Rear Rack System


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