Milwaukee M12™ LED Underhood Light Kit Review

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M12™ LED Underhood Light Kit

M12™ LED Underhood Light Kit

Manufacturer: Milwaukee
Model number: 2125-21XC
Price: $249.99
Power source: M12 12V Battery
Weight: 4.63 lbs
Good lighting is essential to all trades and automotive work is no different. With the significant advancements in LED lighting the lighting solutions available today are quite impressive. Milwaukee recently released the M12™ LED Underhood Light Kit focused on the automotive industry and home users that love to turn a wrench on the weekend.

Underhood Light Features and Specifications

The M12 LED Underhood Light runs on Milwaukee’s M12 battery platform. The light kit features the following:

  • Length: 47.5 inches
  • Weight: 4.63 lbs
  • Warranty: 5 year Tool Warranty, Limited Lifetime LED Warranty
  • 1,350 lumens of TRUEVIEW™ High Definition output
  • FINISHGUARD™ hooks provide lasting protection against scratches to a vehicle’s finish
  • Two Brightness Options: High – 1,350 lumens, Low – 600 lumens
  • Mounting Hooks extend from 47″ to 78″ covering wide cars and trucks
  • Light bar can be removed and hung from built-in hook
  • Impact and chemical resistant lens
  • Aircraft aluminum frame

Quality Build & Maximum Performance

Above is a comparison photo of the M12 LED Underhood Light on vs off. In the photo the light is attached to the hood of my full size GMC 2500HD pickup. The spring loaded expanding clamps easily attach to the hood with ease and stay put very well. The FINISHGUARD™ hooks don’t leave any scratches on the black paint and do a great job holding the light in place.

The LED lights are very bright and the TRUEVIEW™ light color is excellent and gives a great true representation of the colors of wires. The light has 36 individual LED lights spread across the length of the light bar producing an impressive 1,350 lumens of light. Users can also switch to low light which dims down to 600 lumens, allowing for a longer run time on the battery. Controls for the light are simple, one on/off switch and one switch to switch between high and low light output. The control handle also has a battery indicator for users to easily check on battery life.

The quality fit and finish on this tool is quite impressive. The frame is built from aircraft aluminum which gives it a very strong feel yet it’s light weight. The springs have really good pressure to keep the light in place, yet it’s very easy to pull it wide enough to attach to the vehicle hood.

The light lens is made from an impact and chemical resistant material ensuring that oils and other vehicle liquids won’t damage the lens.

The light also comes with a retractable hook so users can hang the light itself (separated from the hood clamp). This is a nice feature that expands the usability of the light for other functions other than mounted below a vehicle hood.

Final Thoughts

The Milwaukee M12™ LED Underhood Light Kit is another great lighting solution for Milwaukee users looking for really great quality light color in a cordless solution for auto technicians and people who work on cars. The quality of the tool is excellent and the light is very easy to attach to any vehicle. The only downside is the cost which we think is a bit high considering some of the cheaper solutions on the market. With a 5 year warranty though users will certainly have some peace of mind!

M12™ LED Underhood Light Kit

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