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Magnum Headache Rack

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Manufacturer: Magnum
Model number: Model # 2015019
Price: 699.00
Weight: 30LBS
The TBB Crew recently teamed up with the Shyft Group to do a review on the Magnum Headache Rack. The Shyft Group is comprised of several brands that engineer, assemble, and service vehicles. They manufacturer high-quality and long-lasting products that meet the needs of several types of consumers. As remodeling contractors, the Magnum Rack fits our needs perfectly.

So what is a Headache Rack? Headache racks take “headache”  out of transporting large items. They allow you to securely tie down your cargo so that it does not pose a hazard to you, other drivers, or your truck. Headache racks are truck accessories that attach to the bed of your vehicle and protect the passengers from the cargo in the box. In addition, it provides a place to mount gear and carry ladders in your vehicle.


When the Headache Rack arrived I reached out to my buddy Lucas at Man Made in MA (our IG pal) who I know recently installed one on his work truck. We were able to install the rack in just about 30 minutes.  The instructions were simple to understand and execute. We ran into a hiccup right off the bat but then were quickly able to continue and complete the install due to the “plug and play” harnesses provided by Magnum.

I first had to move my already mounted toolbox. That wasn’t the issue. For some reason my truck did not have stake pocket hole caps at the front of my bed. The front of the bed rail was not cut out and capped like the rear ones on my Ford F150. We had to drill a hole where we thought the stake pocket holes were and then finish the cuts using a multi-tool. Once the pocket holes were cut out we could start the installation of the stake pocket inserts.

After this initial issue, the rest of the installing process went off without a hitch. We were able to mount the rack using the stake pocket inserts and tighten up the bolts. We added the toolbox leveling spacers and put the toolbox back in place. Because the toolbox sticks out a lot further than the mounting bracket the toolbox spacers help keep the toolbox level instead of at an angle. The leveling spacers have foam on one side that sits in between the grooves on the bed rail cover and a double-sided tape side that secures to the bottom of the toolbox.

After the rack was secured down the next step was to install the wiring harness. Magnum provided the wiring harness and it was really simple to connect. The Magnum Rack itself has a cable that comes out of the bottom and slides in between the bed and the cab. The connections were super easy to make. We started out in the back of the truck on the driver’s side brake light area. We unplugged the wiring harness that was already there and installed the Magnum 2 way wiring harness.

The last step of the process was running the pigtail harness back to the rack harness. We were able to zip-tie the pigtail harness along the body of the truck up to the cab. The Plug and Play connections made the connections simple. Making sure the harness was secure and out of the way, we then coiled up the remaining harness and tucked it out of the way.

That was the extent of the install. The entire process was quick and easy (minus the issue with the stake pocket holes, which was more annoying than an issue). We turned the ignition over and tested out the brake lights, blinker lights as well as reverse lights. All of them worked perfectly and were very bright!

Magnum’s Headache Rack

What attracted us to the Magnum Headache Racks was there are multiple uses for it.

  • Safety
  • Transporting Loads
  • Looks


Safety is a great reason for the headache rack. One of the main functions of a headache rack is to shield the cab (and the passengers inside) from injury if the cargo comes loose or if you need to make a quick stop while hauling. This is particularly critical if you’re hauling large loads that block some of your other taillights’ visibility. Plus, with so many distracted drivers nowadays on the road, increasing your visibility is a huge bonus the headache rack provides.

Transporting Loads

Transporting a ladder or long cargo out of the bed of a pickup truck can be very dangerous. There are laws that govern what and how much you can have sticking out of the bed of your truck. Marking it with a red flag for motor vehicles to see is also a must. Having the Magnum Headache rack you can secure long cargo like wood, PVC pipes, and ladders to the top of the rack so it extends forward instead of out the rear of the truck.

We have been using the Magnum Headache Rack to transport some pressure-treated lumber for one of our current deck builds. Below is a picture of the Magnum Headache rack utilized to transport two 2″ x 12″ x 10′ pieces of PT. The wood was secured with 2 sets of bungee cords, one on either side to prevent the wood from shifting.


If you’re always looking for aftermarket upgrades for your truck, chances are you’ve come across headache racks. Headache racks aren’t just functional; they also add to the style of your favorite truck. A headache rack does more than just provide a convenient place to secure your gear; it can also give your truck that outdoorsy, off-road vibe you’ve might be looking for.

Cargo Accessory Add-Ons

Magnum also carries accessories for your racks to assist with cargo transportation. These accessories include bed rails, rear cargo racks, sliding cargo stops, and sliding D rings. All of their accessories are sold on their website here: Magnum Headache Rack Accessories 

D Rings

D rings are a great accessory for securing things to the rack itself. The D rings slide into a channel and screw in to tighten. They can be adjusted up and down on the side of the rack.

Cargo Stops

Another accessory we really like is the adjustable cargo stops. With the same concept as the D rings, they slide in a groove on the top of the rack and secure with a knob that screws in holding the stop firmly in place. They can be adjusted side to side to accommodate different size materials. They are sold in a pair and there is room on the top track for multiple pairs.

Final Thoughts On the Magnum Headache Rack

The numerous advantages of mounting a headache rack on your truck are undeniable. It’s safe to say that many people believe headache racks are only for frequent haulers. However, this is clearly not the case. Whether you use your truck for work or play, a headache rack provides not only safety but also a number of useful functions. In addition, if you want to spice up your truck, headache racks are a great way to do so. So, what are you holding out for? Today is the day to treat yourself to the ideal headache rack.

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