Lund Duraloader Loading Ramps Review

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Lund Duraloader Arched Aluminum Folding Loading Ramps

Lund Duraloader Arched Aluminum Folding Loading Ramps

Manufacturer: Lund by Realtruck
Model number: Duraloader Arched (Model 602013)
Weight: 28 lbs
Our work trucks are an essential part of our on-site capability, and the Lund Duraloader Loading Ramps by Realtruck we recently tested with them only highlighted this more. These ramps are rugged aluminum folding ramps that follow an arched, extended-length design. They fold in half for easy storage and have carrying handles built-in for easier loading and unloading. The non-slip traction “cleated surface” was another feature we were excited to test out. So we loaded up a pair and tried them out for a few weeks to see what we thought. So let’s get to the details…

Specifications & Features | Lund Duraloader Loading Ramps


  • Size: ‎71″L x 13″W x 6″H
  • Load Capacity: 750 lbs (each ramp)
  • Weight: 28 lbs
  • Material: Aluminum (6061)
  • Producing Country: USA
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime


  • Folds in half with integrated carrying handle for easy loading/storing
  • Raised edge help prevent wheels from sliding off,
  • Extruded “cleated hole” surface provides traction
  • Rubberized tailgate protector protects vehicles finish

Folding Arched Design

The largest factor in decreasing the overall effort of loading and unloading a truck bed is the load angle. Vertical lifting of really heavy items (like an ATV or refrigerator) can be near impossible. So, a ramp (and hand truck as required) is an essential tool to help you complete heavy loading. The Lund Duraloader Arched Folding Ramps are an industry best at 10 ft! This means they offer the best load angle which is further pronounced with their arched design. The advantages of an arched design may not seem obvious at first, but they allow for a near horizontal load angle at the edge of the truck tailgate. This decreases any risk of catching a mower deck on the edge of the tailgate or bouncing an ATV if you accidentally give a bit too much gas when transitioning from ramp to bed.

But a 10 ft long ramp can be awkward to move and store, which is why these ramps conveniently fold in half. When folded, the overall length is 71 in. This easily fit into a short bed truck bed (at an angle) as pictured above. The handles were decently placed along the folded ramp’s center of gravity, so they didn’t twist or pull too awkwardly when carrying them.

In addition, these ramps have a stable and padded ramp tongue to make sure that they don’t scratch your tailgate or slide while loading. These were both greatly appreciated features. The only suggestion we had after testing them out though was for Lund to consider beveling or grinding down the edge. It was pretty sharp and naturally protrudes forward when setting up or carrying the ramps around.

Design & Construction Features

Besides a stable and long ramp, we also looked for key safety features. And the Lund Duraloaders again had what we were looking for. First, they had a very effective extruded “cleat grip” design. All this really means is they had upward-punched holes so the hole edges provided grip. It also has the added design feature of making sure liquids flow down and away from the grip surface which is especially important with ice in the winter. Secondly, these ramps have ridged edges to help guide/keep wheels from rolling off the side of the ramp when loading. They are especially effective for smaller wheels (like a hand truck) vs larger wheels like an ATV.

Lund’s Duraloader ramps also have a securing chain to add an extra layer of protection from the ramps unexpectedly pulling away from (and falling off) the truck tailgate. We didn’t use them much when we tested out these ramps though because the foam padding on the bottom of the tailgate tongue worked well for us. Plus, most of our testing was on gravel at a jobsite so the risk of ramp slippage was decreased. But it’s a nice feature to highlight and, in some cases, can play an important role.

Overall Takeaways


Lund Duraloader Loading Ramps make an awesome work truck accessory. They are heavy duty ramps that feel stable and secure even under heavy loads. the cleated traction combined with the extended length make for a secure footing and low load angle that protect both you and your truck from slippage and bottoming out. This is further supported with the raised edges to help keep caster and dolly wheels from rolling off the sides of the ramp. The 6061 extruded aluminum will surely withstand even the harshest elements. And the folding design with the built in carrying handle made it pretty easy to move these around the jobsite and into/out of our work truck. Other than a few sharp aluminum edges to be cautious with we really only had positive takeaways from these Lund Duraloader folding aluminum ramps. They are an overall great investment!

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