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LOMAX Stance Tonneau Cover Tri-Panel, Diamond Mist Finish by Agri Cover

LOMAX Stance Tonneau Cover

Manufacturer: Agri Cover
Model number: LOMAX Stance
Weight: 60 lbs
I rely on my tools to be productive. So when my tools get lost, damaged, or stolen (unthinkable I know) it’s a significant and costly crisis. Also like many jobsite professionals, I rely heavily on my truck. It is a mobile extension of my workshop and an essential part of my overall productivity. So when I recently replaced my truck, I immediately applied previous lessons learned and started shopping for a Tonneau cover. Why? Because Tonneau covers can 1) protect your truck and tools from theft and weather while also 2) looking good and even 3) offering limited fuel efficiency benefits. After much searching I decided on the LOMAX Stance Aluminum Tri-Fold Tonneau cover. It’s made by Agri Cover in the USA and it offers some unique features that make it a great fit for jobsite Pro’s.

Specifications & Features


  • Panel Material: Aluminum
  • Total Panels: 3
  • Installation: clamps (no drilling required)
  • Weight: Approx: 60 lbs
  • Support Capacity: up to 400 lbs (even weight distribution)
  • 2x urethane finishes available


  • Full bed access with vertical panel storage
  • Rigid Link locking system
  • Automatic 10-point locking/dual unlocking system
  • Tight Bite clamp system
  • Weathertight seal

LOMAX Stance Installation

The install was very straightforward on the LOMAX Stance.  I used a 1/4″ impact driver with a socket bit adapter to secure the extruded aluminum rails to my truck rails via the Tight Bite clamps.  The Tight Bite clamps were very simple to place and secure. They use a cantilevering action to secure ribbed jaws on both sides of the rails. And with 4 sets per side evenly spaced, they provide excellent support to the aluminum panels on top. All in all the total install took about 45 minutes. And if you have any questions Agri Cover has a great install video to walk you through the process.

The most challenging part of the install process was attaching the front edge locking tabs.  This requires you to loosen 2x hex head bolts that secure them in place.  I had to break out my hammer drill driver but if you don’t have one then a breaker bar will work just fine. But the video and instructions are very good and it was a relatively easy one man operation.

All-Weather Protection

The weather protection is excellent on the LOMAX Stance Tonneau cover. This starts with the rugged and durable feeling finishes. According to Agri Cover’s website, there are “two finishes available,” but that isn’t an accurate statement. There is a single finish coating applied to one of two type of aluminum panel – Black Urethane (Flat) or Black Diamond Mist (Diamond Plate). The diamond plate is inherently a bit stronger because of the tempering process used during the production of the diamond plate (has a higher tensile strength). From a weather protection perspective, I was more interested in the urethane coating and I was impressed. The adherence is top quality and the coating thickness seems extremely rugged. I opted for the Diamond Mist Finish and its awesome.

I was also impressed by the design of the linkages. This is critical because with the repetitive hinging action of a tri-fold Tonneau cover, the linkage folding points have failed on my Tonneau covers in the past. This is especially risky because it allows water leaks in the middle of the bed which usually expand quickly. Not good!  The linkage folding points on the LOMAZ stance and well protected, made of powder coated steel, and sealed with heavy duty rubber gaskets (see below). So even if/when (eventually) the rubber gaskets get small cracks, the powder-coated steel will act as a weather resistant and durable barrier. It’s a very well thought out design.

So if you’re keeping score, the LOMAX Stance is made almost completely of rust proof aluminum and a small amount of powder-coated steel and heavy duty rubber gaskets. And most importantly of all, the locking design (more on that in a minute) and adjustability of the Tight Bite clamping system allow you to quickly ensure the edge gasket has a strong seal too. Bottom line, its weather proof!

After Tropical Storm Photo – Cape Cod, MA 

Vertical Storage Design

The ability to store the panels vertically when not is use and retain access to the full truck bed is what sets the LOMAX Stance apart from most tri-fold Tonneau Covers. It’s a brilliant design. And it starts with the Rigid link locking system. The Rigid link locking system consists of 1) permanently roof-mounted, magnetic locking clips 2) Swing out locking bars and 3) Slide-adjustable locking bolt clips. Once attached, they firmly hold the vertically-stored LOMAX Stance approx. 1 inch from the back window on the truck cab. This gives you full-bed access while ensuring the panels don’t hit, crack, or scratch any glass on your truck.

And to ensure that the bottom of the panels stays in place, Agri Cover designed molded brackets for the bottom of the panels to recess into. This was something i immediately focused on when initially using the LOMAX Stance. The clips appeared to be glued to the top of the panel and peeling off. But with further inspection I found that they were actually screwed through the bottom of the panel. I also found that what I initially thought was the “peeling off” of the brackets was actually a beneficial flexibility of the brackets. It allows the brackets to flex with the shift in panel weight from bumps in the road and should prevent brittle cracking of the brackets over time.

Materials & Design Features

So one of the other nice features of the LOMAX Stance are the dual-side pull cables. Simply put, each hinge point is worked by pulling a single cord. One pull releases the clips on both sides of the bed. So you can easily fold up the cover from one side of the truck without having to climb into the best of the truck or walk around to both sides. It took a bit of getting used to as it was easier to pull on the side further away first and then rotate my hand to apply pull pressure on the close side clip. But once I had a feel for it, it was a much appreciated time and hassle saver.

And when the panels are down, there are a total of 10 locking clips engaged. Now if someone wants to get into the bed with a prybar then they absolutely can. One recommended improvement to the LOMAX Stance would be to design the locking clips out of aluminum and then coat with a no-friction material (similar to a table saw rip fence) to allow them to easily slide along the rail when engaging. That said, the locking clip design still feels quite sturdy and the 1/2″ of contact area is adequate.

Cost Savings &

I’ve never been overly focused on the fuel savings offered by Tonneau covers. Is it a real thing? Yes. But it’s only 1-2 MPG at best and that was never a big factor in my decision making process.  I ran the numbers anyways though using Agri Covers gas savings calculator and it came to about $140/year based on my average gas mileage (21 MPG) and average monthly mileage (1,000 mi). So at an MSRP of $1213 it will have paid for itself in 8.66 years. So while I appreciate any and all money saved, it was a consideration but not a major factor.

The real value to me is in preventing damage to or theft of my tools. I have at least $1200 worth of tools and equipment in my truck weekly, if not daily. So avoiding the cost of having to replace them is essential to me. It’s hard to calculate risks avoided though. But I’d like to think that it wouldn’t take 8.66 years of driving around with tools in my truck, uncovered, for them to get wrecked or stolen. So a hard cover Tonneau, while not always obvious, is an invaluable insurance policy and security measure.

Accessory Compatibility

The last point to mention is the impact on other jobsite accessories. The two most common truck bed accessories I’ve used (besides a Tonneau cover) are a ladder rack and headache rack. The good news is that there is still a possibility of using a ladder rack concurrently with the LOMAX Stance. The bas news is that you will have limited options. The ladder rack needs to be outer half rail-mounted, have vertical bars, and be at least XX inches high. Another option would be to get a rail-adjustable rack and slide the forward rack backwards a few inches when folding the LOMAX Stance panels vertical (to allow for adequate clearance). The Worst news is that it will not work with a traditional headache rack. If that is an essential accessory for your truck then the LOMAX Stance probably isn’t a good fit.

Final Thoughts | LOMAX Stance Tonneau Cover

I am extremely impressed by the overall design and quality of the LOMAX Stance tri-fold aluminum Tonneau cover. It is rugged and secure. It also looks sleek and stylish with its impressively low profile. The weather protection it provides is first rate. The LOMAX Stance installs easily and still allows for a ladder rack, something I will likely add and review in a future article. And the ability to maximize bed space with vertically stored panels that securely lock without hitting your back window is by far the best feature of the LOMAX Stance. At $1200 it is a significant investment but one that I feel is well worth it.


LOMAX Stance Full video review



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  1. Roger

    I like that you calculate the pay back period based on gas savings. Very few people take this into account when they buy something expensive that’s supposed to save them money. I’ve never checked it, but on demand water heaters always come to mind.

  2. Mike

    This cover looks like it has the thinnest profile when in the vertical position. BAK, LEER and the others look like they give up about 10 inches of space when stored in the vertical position. This makes accessing my in bed truck box easier to open the lid ALL the way. I feel the others would inhibit full opening of the lid.

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