Wes Bartosik

Wes Bartosik is a Connecticut native with strong family ties to the construction world. Wes’ father and grandfather both were builders and developers and taught Wes the values of doing things right from an early age and getting hands on experience with every facet of the construction industry. Wes apprenticed with a carpenter throughout high school and would later attend Central Connecticut State University earning a bachelor’s degree in construction management all while working for a large excavation contractor throughout. Wes would go on to work for a local heavy-highway construction company and gain further experience with all the skilled trades associated with large civil engineering and utility projects. Though working as a manager now, Wes’ true passion is working in the field alongside the tradesman and laborers on site. Wes has been involved in community based service projects throughout his life as well as emergency services. In his spare time he takes on serious DIY projects for himself, friends and family. He is a firm believer that with a quality tool in your hands and some grit, you can accomplish anything.

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Milwaukee Announces New Plumbing and Mechanical Offerings

Milwaukee plumbing and mechanical tools from NPS19 A preview of new Milwaukee plumbing and mechanical tools from NPS19. Milwaukee has always been a cornerstone brand for the plumbing and mechanical trades. You would be hard pressed to open a plumber’s van and not find something in black and red. I think my first “toolbox” as […]

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Ryobi 40V 21 In. Brushless Smart Trek Self-Propelled Mower

Ryobi 40V Self-Propelled Mower RY40LM10-Y Review Keeping a neat and trim lawn is something that many people take great pride in, some make a living doing it, and then there are those other people like me who just want it done as fast and easy as possible so they can move on to a project they […]

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Ryobi One+ 18V Cordless Chemical Sprayer Review

A Closer look at the the NEW Ryobi 18V P2810 Sprayer This article is a review on the new Ryobi One+ 18V Cordless Chemical Sprayer. I have hated chemical sprayers since the first time I poured I concrete. My foreman handed me a dented and battered pump sprayer full of form oil and told me to climb […]

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Wilton Tradesman 1755 Bench Vise

Wilton Tools Model 1755 Tradesman 5 1⁄2” Bench Vise Review My vises are all hand-me down cast iron monsters from my grandfather and father that were pulled out of old barns and garages, only to be put back to use. After using the new Wilton Tools Tradesman series of benchtop vises, I can’t go back […]

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Metabo 8 Bay Air Cooled Battery Charger

Metabo 8 Bay Battery Charger – 627291000 Metabo tools is a brand that has been loved by metal working and industrial trades for years. Their quality and innovation is hard to beat. For demanding professionals, the Metabo multi-bay 8 pack air cooled charger is an excellent option to keep batteries fueled up and ready. This 8-port charger […]

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The Milwaukee M12 ¼” Hex Impact Driver

The Milwaukee M12 ¼” Hex Impact Driver 2450 Review ** This is an older model tool ** Today’s cordless tool market continues to evolve at a blistering pace and the The Milwaukee M12 ¼” Hex Impact Driver is an outstanding product of that evolution. My earliest memory of using a cordless drill is a Makita […]

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