Stan Durlacher

Stan has been involved with Design and Construction in the commercial industry since 1975. He is currently the President of Design and Construction for a major St Petersburg, FL developer. Before that, he was a Project Executive for a prominent Boston Construction Manager, building high-rise apartment and office buildings. One of the hallmarks of his career has been innovative problem-solving. As Assistant Secretary of Transportation for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Stan was instrumental in bringing the hydro mill slurry wall machinery and technology to Boston in the 1990s for use on the Central Artery Third Harbor Tunnel Project. Stan has been an avid woodworker since college and brings an innovative point of view to this field. Before Florida, he owned an 1886 farmhouse near Concord, Mass, and his skills and time were never idle for long. His barn and attached spaces serve as his ever-expanding workshop. Stan is a self-avowed tool hound. In 2013, Stan decided to design and build his own CNC router. This machine has become a centerpiece of his woodworking and craft focus. Stan will share many of the ways that this innovative technology has solved many current problems and how CNC will begin to impact the woodworking and home renovation businesses.

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DeWalt DCL079 Cordless Tripod Light

DEWALT DCL079 Cordless Tripod Light Review A friend of mine asked me what I thought it would cost to run an electrical line from his house to a shed in the far end of his backyard. He does occasional carpentry work in the shed and wanted task lighting. I told him what I thought it […]

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Dewalt 41-Inch Mobile Workbench

DEWALT 41-Inch Steel Mobile Workbench DWST24192 Review I use to store tools and equipment in anything I had in the shop – milk crates were my favorite, and mud buckets sat in the #2 spot. The tools really took a beating and I was always wasting time looking in containers for tools. Since then, I […]

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Bosch Laser Measuring

Bosch Blaze GCL 2-160 Laser Level and GLM 50 C Measuring Equipment On a recent commercial construction job, our project team was working with the framing and masonry subcontractors to solve a logistics and layout problem. Our stone exterior wall system is positioned and supported on a back-up aluminum extrusion clip system that holds the […]

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BOSCH Professional GLM 50 C Laser Measure

BOSCH GLM 50 C Laser Measure Vs The Tape Measure This morning, I thought I would have some fun at work, and try out the new BOSCH Professional GLM 50 C Laser Measure. I am just getting familiar with this newly released laser measure. But one of the intriguing features of the GLM 50C is […]

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Milwaukee 2488-20 M12 Soldering Iron

Cordless Soldering Iron How many times have I wanted to have a portable soldering iron to use far from an existing 120v outlet? My classic problem was often retrofitting some electronics in an aircraft that was located hundreds of feet on the tarmac from the nearest airport building. The only possible portable solution at the […]

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Bernzomatic Torches

Good Bye Old Friends Two of the first tools I ever bought are now among the recently departed from my toolbox inventory. Back in 1975, I bought a flint spark igniter along with a MAP gas torch to sweat a few water lines for my new house and install some air lines in my garage. […]

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