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Contributing Editor Scott Arnold is the owner of Scott Arnold Remodeling LLC out of Waltham MA. Custom decks, fireplace makeovers, kitchens and bathrooms, Scott enjoys the frame to finish concept. Scott will share his perspective on tools as carpenter and remodeler here and on

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DEWALT FLEXVOLT Tracksaw – 3 Year Look Back Review

DEWALT FLEXVOLT Tracksaw – 3 Year Look Back Some of you might be wondering why we are doing all these “look back” articles, more specifically why the DEWALT FLEXVOLT Tracksaw.  The Tool Box Buzz crew believes in making sure we got it right. We provide you with honest, in-depth information on all of our reviews. […]

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RIDGID 18V Compact Bandsaw Review

RIDGID 18V Compact Bandsaw Review – Model R8604B RIDGID continues to expand it’s 18v line of tools by releasing several new 18v compact tools. One of these newly released tools is the 18v compact bandsaw model R8604B. Depending on your profession the need for a cordless bandsaw can vary. As a remodeling contractor, I do […]

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Werner Aluminum Work Platform Review

Werner Aluminum Work Platform Review – Model AP-2030 We can not stress safety enough here at Tool Box Buzz. It’s a topic that we take with the utmost seriousness when you consider that 3 out of 10 non-fatal injuries in 2019 were fall-related. Slips trips and falls can be avoided, and having the correct, safe […]

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DEWALT 20V 7-1/4″ Circular Saw with Flexvolt Advantage Technology

DEWALT 20V  Flexvolt Advantage Technology 7-1/2″ Circular Saw Review Model DCS573B DEWALT recently launched a line of 20V Max with Flexvolt Advantage Technology tools. This review is for the DEWALT 20V Max 7-1/4″ Circular Saw w/ Flexvolt Advantage Technology. The tools that have been released are the 7-1/4″ circular saw, 1/2″ hammer drill, reciprocating saw, and […]

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RYOBI ONE+ 18V Brushless Cordless Compact Right Angle Drill Review

RYOBI 18V Right Angle Drill PSBRA02B Ryobi Power Tools has been known as the homeowners or “DIY” brand but at Tool Box Buzz we know that many Pros and entry level tradespeople use the brand.  We still feel that we need to test these tools on the job site in the hands of professionals to see […]

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Diamondback GRRande Tool Bag System Review

DiamondBack GRRande Tool Bag System What is more important to a contractor? A better fitting, evenly weight distributed tool belt or a set of bags that you can load up and not have to make a bunch of trips to the reload fasteners or tools? Well, now you do not have to pick one or […]

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BORA Speedhorse Review

BORA Speedhorse Review – Model PM-4500 Mobility is crucial to remodeling we all know that. Another thing that is well known is having to pack up and move to another job in the same day is time consuming. BORA Speedhorses change that! As a remodeling contractor we feel that our tools need to be easily […]

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RIDGID 18v Cordless 10-oz Caulk and Adhesive Gun Review

RIDGID 18v Cordless 10oz Caulk and Adhesive Gun Model R84044B RIDGID  recently released 9 new tools from their new 18v cordless solutions, one of which was the new 18v 10oz caulk and adhesive gun- Model R84044B. Cordless caulking guns are fairly new to the contracting game but they have hit the pavement running.  Regardless of […]

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RIDGID 18V Sub-Compact Brushless 2 Piece Combo Kit Review

RIDGID 18v Sub-Compact Brushless 2 Piece Combo Kit – Model R9780 RIDGID recently introduced their new 18V sub-compact brushless 2 piece combo kit and sent a kit our way to test and evaluated on the job site. The sub-compact tools are 30% lighter, helping to reduce fatigue.  The compact design decreases the tool size by […]

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DEWALT Atomic 20V One-Handed Reciprocating Saw Review

DEWALT Atomic 20v MAX Cordless One-Handed Reciprocating Saw – DCS369B Recently we put the DEWALT Atomic 20V One-Handed Reciprocating Saw up against 5 other one-handed reciprocating saws in our Best Cordless One-Handed Reciprocating Saw Head-to-Head. Cordless one-handed reciprocating saws are a fairly new category compared to the long-standing king of demolition in full-size reciprocating saws. […]

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