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Contributing Editor Scott Arnold is the owner of Scott Arnold Remodeling LLC out of Waltham MA. Custom decks, fireplace makeovers, kitchens and bathrooms, Scott enjoys the frame to finish concept. Scott will share his perspective on tools as carpenter and remodeler here and on

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Best Cordless 14″ Cut-Off Saw (Concrete Cutter) | Head-To-Head

Best Battery Powered 14″ Concrete Cutter (Cut-Off Saw) | Head-To-Head A Concrete Cutter sometimes called a cut-off saw, masonry saw, road saw, “consaw,” or concrete saw is a hand-held tool designed to cut concrete, asphalt pavement, rebar, steel and plastic pipe. Typical uses include making openings in walls, floors, manhole structures, road surfaces, and curbs. […]

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RYOBI 80V Zero Turn Mower Review

RYOBI 80V Electric Zero Turn Mower Review – Model RYRM8021 Battery-powered mowers offer unique benefits to users, as well as the environment. They eliminate the need for gas, do not produce toxic fumes, and require minimal maintenance.  With the improvement of Lithium-ion batteries, RYOBI continues to be considered one of the top brands in Outdoor […]

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RIDGID 18V 12Ah Max Output Battery

RIDGID 18V 12.0Ah MAX OUTPUT EXP™ LITHIUM-ION BATTERY – MODEL AC840120 RIDGID introduces the all-new 18V 12.0 Ah MAX Output EXP Battery, the most powerful RIDGID battery to date. Experience extreme performance in the toughest applications with RIDGID 18V MAX Output EXP batteries. This all-new RIDGID 12Ah Max Output EXP Lithium-Ion Battery utilizes advanced electronics that have the intelligence to optimize performance by […]

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Best Cordless Blower 2023 | Head-To-Head

Best Cordless Blower | Head-To-Head What would the perfect cordless leaf blower be? Wait…can we even call them leaf blowers? I certainly don’t use mine for leaves, I use them to blow sawdust on my job sites, my tools, out of my van and tool shed, or to clean off my patio and porch. They’re […]

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Brunt Costello Work Pants Review

Brunt Costello Work Pants A hot topic that is trending in our industry is workwear.   In order to find the best workwear to fit your unique demands, we are continually interacting with workwear manufacturers. We are teaming up with Brunt on this review to cover their just-released Costello Work Pants. Eric Girouard established the […]

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Makita 40V 8-1/2″ Dual-Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw Review

Makita 40V 8-1/2″ Dual-Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw – Model GSL02Z Typically the miter saw is the first tool I set up and the last tool I break down. For efficiency and accuracy, the Miter Saw is one of the most important tools for me. The 40v XGT line of cordless power tools from Makita […]

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DEWALT FLEXVOLT 60V Dust Extractor Kit Review

DEWALT FLEXVOLT Dust Extractor Kit – Model DCV585T2 A cordless dust extractor with no wheels sounds like a design that was not thought out to its best capacity. There are several manufacturers on the market producing cordless dust extractors with great maneuverability.  DEWALT went with a cordless solution while thinking about storage, transportation, and efficiency […]

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Makita 40V XGT Cordless Dust Extractor Review

 Makita 40V XGT  Cordless Dust Extractor – Model GCV04PMUX A Cordless vacuum/dust extractor is very portable and maneuverable. Being cordless means you could use your dust extractor both indoors and outdoors and take it to places where corded dust extractors can’t reach or are inconvenient to use. No searching for an outlet or dragging out […]

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Werner Aluminum Linking Pro Work Platforms Review

Werner Aluminum Linking Pro Work Platforms – Model AP-2030L-MP2 Work platforms are becoming more and more prevalent on job sites. They are adjustable in height, and now you can link them together making them even longer, therefore moving as you go is becoming less and less of a hassle! The market leader in ladders, Werner […]

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Best Cordless Impact Driver Head-To-Head | 2023

Best Cordless Impact Driver There’s no doubt that Impact Drivers have completely changed the construction industry and drastically improved both productivity and quality. Impact drivers allow users to install screws, structural fasteners and small bolts more efficiently than a drill. Impact drivers drastically reduce broken fasteners, stripped screw heads and costly delays. An impact driver […]

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