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Contributing Editor Scott Arnold is the owner of Scott Arnold Remodeling LLC out of Waltham MA. Custom decks, fireplace makeovers, kitchens and bathrooms, Scott enjoys the frame to finish concept. Scott will share his perspective on tools as carpenter and remodeler here and on

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SKILSAW Sidewinder Saw SPT67WM-22

SKILSAW Sidewinder Saw SPT67WM-22 Tool Review Knock Knock…. Your turn….. Wood… Your turn again…. Wood you believe that after almost a century, SkilSaw still continues to unveil products that top the industry in both performance and innovation? All kidding aside, when you think of circular saws since their inception, there are all types, sizes, manufactures, […]

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2014 Holiday Tool Gift Guide

2014 Holiday Gift Guide Are you looking for the perfect idea for a stocking stuffer this year? Well here at Tool Box Buzz we have a few ideas for you, some of them require a much larger stocking though. With the holidays fast approaching you could be running out of time to ask that loved […]

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RIDGID 18v Heated Jacket Kit – Model R8703K

RIDGID 18V HEATED JACKET KIT – MODEL # R8703K What has 2 thumbs and absolutely hates getting into a freezing cold car first thing in the morning? This guy right here. For me the Ridgid heated jacket takes the worst part of my day and makes it a lot better. With today’s snow being the […]

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HAMMERHEAD Compact Laser Measuring Tool HLMT100

HAMMERHEAD Compact Laser Measuring Tool HLMT100 I would venture to say that majority of the old school contractors shake their head when you mention the HAMMERHEAD Compact Laser Measuring Tool to them. If my grandfather was still alive, he would say “now what in the hell do you need that for?” He was always of […]

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STANLEY FATMAX Mobile Work Station Model 020800R

STANLEY FATMAX Mobile Work Station Review – Model 020800R Regardless of whether you are a professional carpenter, plumber, electrician, or repairman, tool storage an important element when it comes to proficient work and time management. The days of carrying multiple tool bags full of hand tools and various power tools are gone.   Stanley Tools […]

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Ryobi 10” Portable Table Saw with Quick Stand RTS21G

Ryobi 10” Portable Table Saw with Quick Stand RTS21G Review What is one thing most professional contractors, handyman or Do-It-Yourselfers could use more of? If you guessed money, you’re probably right. If you are thinking time, well there isn’t a doubt. What I’m thinking everyone needs more of is storage space for their larger, bulkier […]

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