Dave Brefini

Dave Brefini has always been drawn to carpentry since he was a young kid but did not work in the trade until January 2019. Prior to this, he spent 8 years working as a Spanish teacher both at the university and high school level. As a teacher in both private and public schools, he noticed that the trades were rarely presented to students as a viable career path. His decision to begin a career in carpentry was based on both a deep interest in the craft and a passion to promote the trade to young people.

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Makita 18V Brushless Blower

Makita 18V Cordless Blower XBU03Z Review One of the most underrated tools on a job site is the leaf blower. There’s no doubt that it makes cleaning up more efficient. The Makita 18V Brushless Blower from Makita is my go-to for both job site clean up and yard clean up around the house.  An unsung […]

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DEWALT 20 Volt XR Reciprocating Saw With Power Detect

DEWALT 20V  XT Reciprocating Saw with POWER DETECT DCS368W1 Review Recently we completed a rotten sill repair project on a 300-year-old timber frame house. The original sill plate was a 10 x 10 old growth piece of oak. In order to remove the rotted sections of this sill plate, we used a combination of reciprocating saws, […]

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DEWALT 7-¼ in. Circular Saw With Power Detect

DEWALT DCS574W1 Circular Saw Review The DEWALT DCS574W1  7-¼ in. circular saw is a lightweight, powerful solution. Like many young carpenters, the circular saw that I learned on was an old school corded worm drive Skilsaw that nearly made me fall over because of its weight. I remember my lead carpenter at the time saying “let the weight […]

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Werner Multi Position Ladder MT-001AA Review

Werner Multi Position Ladder MT-001AA Review The Werner Multi Position Ladder MT-001AA solves problems. Often people think of a problem in terms of its consequences but in reality, problems are nothing more than an opportunity to identify a specific need. As a remodeling carpenter, problems are integral to the work I do on a day to day […]

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DEWALT Power Detect Hammer Drill/Drill Driver Review

DEWALT DCD998W1 20V  XR 1/2 IN. Brushless Hammer Drill Drill / Driver With Power Detect     The first drill I bought was a combo kit of a cordless DeWalt impact driver and drill driver. Both are brushed and I still use them today, they’re workhorses. The impact driver is my day to day impact driver. […]

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DEWALT 12V Xtreme Sub-Compact Tools

DEWALT 12V Xtreme Sub-Compact Tools Review The DEWALT 12V XTREME sub-compact tools is a new line that we had to try out on our job sites. The new 12V Max Xtreme sub-compact series offers an impact driver, screwdriver, impact wrench, drill driver, and hammer drill. The Max Xtreme series is lighter, more compact, shorter in […]

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