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Joe Canning is a self-taught carpenter and framer from South Western Ontario, Canada. Joe focuses mainly on residential framing and custom homes. He loves efficiency and doing things right! Known by many as "the bearded carpenter," he is most notably recognized by his Instagram profile "Canadian Carpenter," where he shares tips, techniques and reviews tools. If you like framing and doing things right, you're gonna love reading Joe's stuff!

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Hitachi NR83AA5 Paper Collated Framing Nailer

Hitachi Framing Nailer NR83AA5 Review When you hear the term “Framing nailer” one company comes to mind, Hitachi. The name Hitachi has been at the front of the pack for more than a decade, with their innovation and solidly built framing nailers. In this review, we’ll be taking a look at the Hitachi NR83AA5 Paper […]

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DAP DynaGrip Advanced Subfloor Adhesive

DAP DynaGrip Advanced Subfloor Adhesive We are in a time with engineered woods and sheathing, and now adhesives that foam and expand. Is there still a market for tube adhesives? Using Adhesives on the Job Site The use of a strong adhesive is critical too many practices on a residential construction site. I have for […]

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DEWALT 20v Green Rotary Tough Laser DW079GL

DEWALT 20 Volt Laser DW079GL Review by Joe Canning For the last couple of day’s we have been working on a new home build with a walk out basement. This house has a fair amount of bearing basement wall’s on the interior, the interior footings were less than perfect and needed a lot of help […]

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