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Todd Fratzel is the Editor of Tool Box Buzz and the President of Front Steps Media, LLC, a web based media company focused on the Home Improvement and Construction Industry.He is also the Principal Engineer for United Construction Corp., located in Newport, NH. In his capacity at United he oversees the Residential and Commercial Building Division along with all Design-Build projects.He is also the editor of Home Construction & Improvement.

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Rockler Table Saw Small Parts Sled

Greater Control & Accuracy When Cutting Small Pieces Medina, MN – Rockler Woodworking and Hardware has introduced a new jig for the table saw that makes it easier to achieve clean, controlled cuts on small parts. The Rockler Table Saw Small Parts Sled provides zero-clearance support for small workpieces, and it incorporates an innovative drop-off […]

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Gas/Cordless Framing Nailer Head to Head

Gas & Cordless Framing Nailers Comparison Introduction The Tool Box Buzz crew assembled in Concord, MA to assess four gas powered nailers and one cordless framing nailer. Ambient temperatures during testing were roughly 20F and equipment was left out overnight to simulate standard field conditions. Framing equipment is often stored overnight in unconditioned spaces, or […]

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New JET 1836 Drum Sander

JET Expands Drum Sander Line – JWDS-1836 Model La Vergne, TN – After reintroducing JET’s stalwart JWDS-1632 Drum Sander with Stand last fall, JET® has announced plans to expand the popular woodworking machine category by adding the JET JWDS-1836 Drum Sander.  A mirror image of the JWDS-1632 drum sander’s features, the JWDS-1836 sander provides greater […]

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Bosch CORE18V 18V 6.3 Ah Battery

Bosch Announces CORE18V GBA18V63 18V 6.3 Ah Battery Las Vegas, Nev., January 17, 2017 – The Bosch CORE18V Battery offers maximum power and performance while minimizing weight, an achievement that proves its claim as the best-built battery among leading competitors. The battery employs advanced Lithium-ion technology to deliver 80 percent more power than previous generation Bosch […]

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Best Cordless Circular Saw – Head to Head

Cordless Circular Saw Head to Head – High Capacity Edition Here at Tool Box Buzz we’ve been conducting head to head comparisons of a wide variety of tools. Testing criteria and parameters have always been focused on ensuring apple to apple comparisons. We depart from this model on this test for a few key reasons. […]

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DEWALT 60V FlexVolt Circular Saw Review

DCS575T2 FLEXVOLT™ 60V MAX* 7-1/4″ Circular Saw It wasn’t that long ago when the thought of a full size 7-1/4″ cordless circular saw didn’t seem all that likely or feasible. Today there are several options ranging from 18V up to 60V and they all boast corded performance in a cordless platform. In this review we’re […]

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Best Construction Levels – Level Head to Head

48 Inch Construction Level Head to Head Comparison Who makes the best construction levels? In this head to head we’re putting several 48″ construction levels to the test to see who makes the best! One of the most fundamental tools required by all trades in construction is a level. Whether you’re building something plumb and […]

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Milwaukee M18 FUEL SURGE Hydraulic Driver

Milwakee M18 FUEL SURGE 1/4″ Hex Hydraulic Driver Cordless 1/4″ impact drivers have been overtaking the fastening marketplace for several years now with most trades adopting these as their “go to” tool for installing small to medium size fasteners. While impact drivers have completely changed the game on most job sites they certainly have room […]

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JET Updates 16-32 Plus Drum Sander

JET 16-32 Plus Drum Sander La Vergne, TN – For more than 14 years, JET’s 16-32 Plus Drum Sander with Stand has been the brand’s most popular woodworking machine and the industry’s undisputed class leader.  Now, this versatile, accurate and affordable mid-size drum sander has raised the bar again with new features, including tool-less conveyor […]

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Hypertherm Announces New Powermax45 XP

Powermax45 XP, Successor to the Powermax HANOVER, N.H.—Sept. 26, 2016—Hypertherm, a U.S. based manufacturer of plasma, laser, and waterjet cutting systems, is excited to announce the release of the new Powermax45 XP®—successor to the best-selling Powermax of all time—offering the most power and versatility in its class. Delivering 6.5 kilowatts of output power—70 percent more […]

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