SENCO 9S0001N 16GA FinishPro Nailer Review

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SENCO 16GA FinishPro Nailer Review

Senco 9S0001N 16GA FinishPro 16XP 2-1/2" Finish Nailer

Manufacturer: Senco
Model number: 9S0001N
Price: $164.99
Power source: Pneumatic
Weight: 4 Lbs.

This tool review will take a look at the SENCO 16GA FinishPro Nailer model #9S0001N. This pneumatic nailer is lightweight and ergonomic and packs the undeniable punch of an air powered tool. The tool world continues to cut the cord…or hose rather but the slim profile, reliability, and durability of the SENCO FinishPro is still irreplaceable.

SENCO 16GA FinishPro Nailer

SENCO FinishPro Tech Specs:

  • Tool Weight: 4 Lbs.
  • Height: 11 3/8″
  • Length: 12″
  • Width: 4″
  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • Trigger Type: Select-able Actuation
  • Operating Pressure: 70-120 PSI / 4.8-8.3 BAR
  • Air Consumption: 2.22 SCFM
  • Air Inlet NPT: 1/4″
  • Capacity: 110
  • Nail Size Range: 1 1/4″-2 1/2″
  • Collation: Straight Strip

SENCO Design Features:

  • EZ-Clear Latch Design for Jam Clearing
  • Tool Free Depth-of-Drive Adjustment
  • Push Button Integrated Air Duster
  • Rotatable Belt Hook.

Standout Features of the SENCO 16GA FinishPro:

The 16GA FinishPro is a tool that is feature packed and very intuitive to use. During the review process it saw duty as my primary finish nailer for woodworking and also casement projects. The ease of the depth-of-drive adjustment and handy rotating belt hook make the SENCO productive and convenient no matter what the project. Compared to some of the current bulky cordless offerings available, the sleek and compact profile of the FinishPro was well received. Especially since it only weighs in at 4 Lbs!

Although compact overall, the 16GA FinishPro offers a large and ergonomic grip with comfortable rubber over molding. The trigger shoe is wide and responsive with very little play. A switch in front of the trigger allows the user to select an actuation mode. The nailer will fire in a “bump” mode or single actuation. As many here at Tool Box Buzz have discussed, the single actuation mode makes the most sense for a nailer of this type.

SENCO 16GA FinishPro Nailer

Clearing Jams..If You Get One:

SENCO has invested a tremendous amount of engineering into their EZ-Clear latch system. This system is a standard feature on the 16GA FinishPro nailer and allows for almost effortless clearing of jams. A large quick release lever on the top of the tool opens the housing to allow bent or jammed nails to be removed. This feature helps to eliminate tool downtime when it really counts. During my time spent reviewing the tool I shot a variety of length fasteners into plywood, MDF, hard and soft wood trim, as well as casements. The FinishPro did not experience a single jam during my time using it!

The reliability of this tool along with a very clean nail made it a pleasure to use in the shop or on a job site.

SENCO 16GA FinishPro Nailer

An example of the nail hole left by the 16GA FinishPro.

FinishPro Capacity and Capability:

When it comes to pneumatic nailers, they really are only limited by the capacity of your air supply. The SENCO FInishPro will drive nails at pressures up to 120 PSI. The straight feed magazine of the SENCO will fit up to 110 nails at a time up to 2 1/2″ in length. A variety of brands of T-Head style nails were used in testing and fed well. The FinishPro ate everything from bargain bin lumberyard specials to some of SENCO’s own high quality 304 Stainless Steel nails.

SENCO 16GA FinishPro Nailer

A universal ball joint fitting allows the airline to move freely with the tool during use.

You can’t deny that cordless tools are easy for small fast projects or constantly changing remodeling work. But the technology is still improving for cordless options. You can read more about this in the recent Head to Head comparison here at Tool Box Buzz. Pneumatic nailers like the SENCO FinishPro use proven, powerful, and reliable design features and technology to create a tool that is awesome to use. One thing that really stood out to me about the SENCO was the sound. The tool just sounds cool! Driving nails sounded like the pneumatic piston from No Country For Old Men!

SENCO 16GA FinishPro Nailer

The SENCO during use sounds like that iconic air piston tool from the movie No Country For Old Men. The image here was borrowed from the film.

How Much Does it Cost and Who Should Buy This?

The SENCO FinishPro is available now from all SENCO retailers. The guys over at Tool Barn are selling the tool for $164.99 with plastic carrying case. This price is comparable to other makes and models of the same size nailer. When you factor in the quality and features list of the SENCO I think this is a great value overall. Check out the buy it now box link for deal at Tool Barn.

Senco 9S0001N 16GA FinishPro 16XP 2-1/2" Finish Nailer

The SENCO 16GA FinishPro is right at home in a shop setting or stationary workspace. The light overall weight and slim profile also make it a great option for contractors using pneumatic tools on the job site. This is a professional grade tool with professional features and is more than a homeowner or DIYer would likely need.

SENCO 16GA FinishPro Nailer

Can it Get Any Better?

Line of sight on the SENCO FinishPro was the only issue encountered encountered during the review process. The nose safety lever assembly is beefy and obstructs the view of the material surface at certain angles. A rubber cap is included as well to protect delicate work surfaces. Removing this cap gives a better line of sight. Despite the partially obstructed view, it is easy to align the tool and shoot nails accurately at your desired spot.

SENCO 16GA FinishPro Nailer

The large gauge steel used to make the nose safety assembly can obstruct your view but is easily worked around.

Overall Impression of SENCO’s 16GA FinishPro Nailer:

Many of us purchase tools based off of what our local lumber yards or tool stores stock. My pile of pneumatic nailers is a testament to this! This review process was my first time using a SENCO nailer and I was beyond impressed. SENCO packed a ton of features into the 16GA FinishPro that really made it stand out to me as a professional grade nailer. It’s compact yet powerful with great attention to detail. Plus it sounds like a cartel assassin would use it! What’s not to love.

Check out the SENCO 16GA FinishPro if you are in the market for a reliable pneumatic finish nailer.

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