Ridgid Wheelbarrow Compressor GP80145SW

Ridgid 8-Gallon Wheelbarrow Compressor

Manufacturer: Ridgid Wheelbarrow Compressor
Model number: GP80145SW
Price: 729.00
Power source: Gas
Motor size: Suburu SP170 169CC OHC
Weight: 195 lbs


Ridgid Wheelbarrow Compressor GP80145SW Review

My construction company does a significant amount of excavation work, and the maintenance and upkeep of trailers and equipment lends itself perfectly to this tool. I was anxious to use the compressor and given that this was the largest tool I had gotten the opportunity to review, I wanted to make sure I got the appropriate field testing done to give an adequate review. I really put this machine through the rigors this winter, running it nearly every day in freezing conditions and am confident now to give an honest and accurate review.

The Ridgid Wheelbarrow Compressor GP80145SW is a heavy-duty, gas wheelbarrow type air compressor. This type of compressor is known for its versatility and is used by contractors from all over. The gasoline engine and mobility make this tool a main stay on many construction sites.


Ridgid 8 Gallon Gas Wheelbarrow Compressor  GP80145SW

What are my first impressions?

Upon opening the package, I appreciated that this compressor was almost ready to be operational. Ridgid sent the necessary lubricants and hardware to make for a quick set up. This compressor has a huge front wheel and an extremely low profile. The company website says this is to fit in the back of a pickup truck with a bed topper and to protect the engine from impact. Both of these features are extremely handy for carpenters working out of their pickup trucks and the low center of gravity and large wheel makes transporting on rough terrain MUCH easier. I would have liked to see the front wheel axle designed a little differently, as the nut and bolt set up looks like it could work itself loose.

Using the Ridgid Wheelbarrow Compressor

As mentioned earlier, it was nice that Ridgid sent out engine and compressor oil in the packaging. As a tool nerd, nothing frustrates me more than getting a tool that is not ready to use out of the package. As I set out to start the Suburu SP170 engine, I noticed my first major complaint. The engine is tucked so far down between the air tanks and flywheel cover that it is difficult to adjust the fuel on/off switch and the choke lever. This proved to be especially difficult with a thick pair of gloves on. I would like for there to be easier access to both of these especially given how frequently they are used.

The Suburu engine proved to be somewhat difficult to start the first time but subsequently has become much easier with break in. This engine has run very well in cold climates and has had no problem keeping up with the demands my crew and I put it through.

The compressor puts out up to 145 PSI, which is more than enough air for most applications, and never had trouble keeping up with pneumatic impact wrenches, inflating large tires, or running multiple framing nailers.

The air pressure gauges and push to connect air fittings are both of high quality and are easy to use and see. The low profile design, long handles, and over-sized front wheel make the difference on this compressor. It really helped maneuvering the compressor on tough, rocky terrain.

The quarter-turn ball valve tank drain makes draining the tanks much easier, prolonging the lives of your pneumatic tools.


  • Air Delivery – 10.3 SCFM@90PSI
  • Max PSI – 145 PSI
  • Tank Capacity – 8 gallons
  • Engine – Suburu SP170 169CC OHC
  • Max HP – 5.7 HP
  • Air Line Size – 3/8” on Entire System
  • Pump Type – Oil Lube Belt Drive
  • Pump Construction – Cast Iron Cylinder
  • Quick Couplers – 2, Universal Push To Connect Style
  • Air Pressure Gauges – 2, 2” Diameter with Metal Housing
  • Regulator – Full Sized Shop Style with Locking Feature


  • Low profile design allows this compressor to fit in a standard Pickup truck bed with the truck bed cover fully closed
  • Subaru Commercial-grade Engine with Chain Drive Overhead Cam technology.
  • Delivers up to 145 PSI
  • Control panels integrated design provides ultimate component protection and convenient access to air regulation
  • Locking regulator knob’s ergonomic design locks at desired setting to maintain consistent pressure
  • Ball valve tank drain provides easy quarter-turn operation for fast and trouble-free draining

Overall Impression

While I believe Ridgid can make a few improvements to the fuel and choke switches, I believe they have come up with a game changer with the Ridgid Wheelbarrow Compressor GP80145SW.

The Ridgid Wheelbarrow Compressor GP80145SW GP80145SW design allows for unsurpassed mobility which makes this one of the most versatile compressors I have used. With ample power and easy-to-use features, I would highly recommend the Ridgid 8 gallon gas wheelbarrow air compressor (GP80145SW) to anyone interested in a heavy duty, highly mobile job site compressor.

Ridgid 8-Gallon Wheelbarrow Compressor

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