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SENCO FramePro 752XP 3 1/2″ Framing Nailer Review

Recently the crew at Tool Box Buzz put this SENCO FramePro 752XP 3 1/2″ Framing Nailer up against 8 of it’s top competitors in our Best Framing Nailer Head-to- Head.  While the SENCO did not come out on top it was very competitive in all categories.  Let’s take a closer look at the SENCO FramePro 752XP 3-1/2″ Framing Nailer.

Undoubtedly the pneumatic nailer is an important tool to anyone in the construction industry. Despite cordless nailer are becoming very popular, there is still a demand for pneumatic nailers. Larger jobs with tons of nailing require an air driven nailer, one that can hold a large amount of nails. The SENCO FramePro is capable of holding almost 70 nails.

SENCO FramePro Specifications

  • Collation Type:                Plastic
  • Depth Adjustment:         Yes
  • Dry Fire Lockout:            Yes
  • Fastener Length:              2″ to 3-1/2″
  • Fastener Type /Gauge:   20º
  • Firing/Actuation Mode: Sequential with Additional Trigger Included
  • Jam Clearance:                Yes
  • Magazine Capacity:         60
  • Magazine Loading:          Bottom load
  • Operating Pressure:        70-120 psi
  • Power Source:                  Pneumatic
  • Height:                              14.1/4
  • Length:                              20”
  • Width:                               4-3/16
  • Weight                              8.7 lbs.
    SENCO FramePro 752XP

SENCO FramePro In Use

The SENCO nailer was put through several tests including the following: making LVL headers, toe nailing and installing sub-flooring. Since the Head-to-Head we have had the SENCO nailer on the jobsite doing some miscellaneous framing. The SENCO nailer is extremely dependable and has not misfired once. The powerful punch the nailer packs is what makes this nailer stand out.

Depth Adjustment

The SENCO FramePro has an extremely easy to use depth adjustment with a big knurled knob. The smoothness of operation in both directions was impressive. The only downfall is the knurled knob is directly in the line of sight.

SENCO FramePro Trigger(s)

The SENCO nailer does not have a switch to go from bump fire mode to single fire mode firing mode. The FramePro comes with separate triggers for each mode. Pro framers are obviously going to change out the trigger to bump fire mode but having to change the trigger can be cumbersome.

Contact Tip

While toe-nailing and holding the SENCO nailer at a steep angle the aggressive tangs prevented the contact tip from slipping. For toe-nailing we used 2×4 framing studs into 2×4 wall plates. The 752XP provides exceptional 360° coverage around the firing head and as mentioned the tangs are super aggressive.

Rafter Hook

The SENCO 2-inch rafter hook is smaller profile and rounded, and seems more suited for a ladder rung – it almost seems like it was an afterthought. The SENCO hook is a 180-degree swivel and is not reversible.

Nail Loading and Capacity

The SENCO FramePro holds sixty-nine [69] 3-1/2″ full round head nails. The SENCO FramePro loads nails from the bottom with a nail pusher that locks into place and the has a spring loaded release that secures the nails to engage firing.


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  1. David Ernest

    The pneumatic nailer is certainly an important tool for anyone in the construction sector. While cordless nailers are becoming very popular, pneumatic nailers are still in demand.

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