Porter Cable Framing Nailer FC350B

Porter Cable Framing Nailer FC350B

We just received the re-Designed Porter Cable Framing Nailer FC350B that just hit the shelves this fall.

Geared more towards the PRO user and serious enthusiast, I got a sneak peak at these nailers at the Westin New York Hotel media event on June 6th.   we now have one at the jobsite and are running it through the rigors.

Speaking with Product Manager Rob Pare I learned that these nailers were re-designed in order to allow carpenters to better fasten nails into engineered lumber.

Porter Cable Framing Nailer FC350B Upgrade:

The FC350B weighs 7.3 pounds which is mostly due to it having a magnesium frame.  The magnesium gives the tool housing the strength needed to protect against falls and damage without the weight.     The fastener magazine was designed in line with the tool for better balance.

A tool free depth of drive for setting depth of fasteners and a reversible rafter hook allows the  tool to hang on either left or right side of the tool.

Selectable Trigger Option:

One nice feature is that operate between 70-120 PSI and a selectable trigger allows the user to choose between bump and sequential firing modes.

Another feature that is quickly becoming a “standard feature” with pneumatic nailers is the tool free depth of drive adjustment, as well as a low nail lock-out mechanism to protect the tool firing pin from dry firing.  A bypass nail pusher allows quick loading without the annoying step of pulling back the magazine loading lever.

Porter Cable FC350B Nailer Capacity:

The  Porter Cable Framing Nailer FC350B is designed to handle  30° to 34° paper tape collated framing nails.  [accepts 30 degree paper tape offset round head and full clipped head nails from 2 to 3-1/2 inches]

The FC350B easily drives a 3 1/2 inch nail into engineered lumber which make this nailer a contender and suitable for consideration on the job site.

Other Porter Cable FC350B Features :

A rubber handle grip and tool free adjustable exhaust gives the user a comfortable, non slip grip and the option to choose where the tool exhausts air and an angled air fitting makes the tool more ergonomically friendly fitting into joist and wall bays.

One feature I notice immediately was the aggressive serrated nose which will come in hange installing toe nails.

What’s Included:

  • Porter Cable Framing Nailer FC350B
  • Carry case
  • 1/4″ air fitting
  • Oil
  • Wrench

How Much?

The Porter Cable Framing Nailer FC350B sells for for approximately $198.99 online here: Porter-Cable-FC350B-Paper-Framing-Nailer

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  1. Jeff Williams

    Porter Cable as of late kind of baffles me as a brand. Some of their bread and butter tools are their high end woodworking stuff and then they have more consumer oriented cordless offerings. Do you think this is closer to a high end tool or more towards the consumer end of the spectrum?

    1. Todd Fratzel

      I saw this nailer back in June and I’d say it’s meant for the Pro or Serious DIY’er.

  2. I bought this tool at HD a couple months ago while framing a new garage. I’d never owned a framing nailer before. It seemed to work well, except for the jams that would happen two or three times each day. For each jam, I had to remove the full magazine and pound on it with a screwdriver for 15 minutes to get it out. After a while, I decided this was unacceptable and returned the tool. I was frustrated, because I purchased the tool based on Porter Cable’s good brand reputation (and my very positive experience with PC finish and brad nailers). I don’t know if I had a lemon, or if it just didn’t like the brand of nails I was using.

    1. Hi Reuben,

      The situation you describe is unfortunate and also not common.

      I suggest you try a few things before returning it:
      1. dbl check the nails to make sure they are compatable,
      2. Make sure you sliding them into mag properly
      3. Make sure you have proper PSI

      If your still seeing the issue it may be a defect in that tool. The one we tested is flawless.

    2. Todd Fratzel

      Reuben – One of the most common jam problems with framing nailers is the type of nails. While many will argue this fact, I’ve learned it the hard way over the years. Generic nails (if you use them) are famous for lots of jams. I recommend using which ever nail the tool specifies. Also I find that jamming seems to occur with my younger employees more than more seasoned carpenters. I equate that to gun position, speed of firing and the type of material being used. Lastly, clearing a jam shouldn’t be that difficult once you remove the front tip guard…seems like maybe you might be leaving that on?

  3. Justin

    One of the main things that Porter does is lack of advertising….

    A year or so back, I started seeing PC items disappearing from the shelves on big box stores and couldn’t figure out why. Was this PC going out of business? Not being competitive?

    I did see that PC was bought by Stanley and they acquired Dewalt at some point but didn’t change the branding or ad campaign (as little as it was) They really haven;t touched the Dewalt name either. Just kept everything as is, probably to keep everyday buyers knowing none the wiser.

    Either way, PC seems to be creeping back and has always been my favorite for serious DIY. I am about to start a complete Rehab of my 2000sf ranch and then adding a 2500sf addition (2nd floor) next year so I want the best I can afford and to buy it once. No use it being Ryobi crap and replacing it every 3-4 months in attempts to save $$$.

    Good Luck All!!!

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