Paslode PowerMaster Plus F350-S 

Paslode F350-S Framing Nailer Review

We recently tested nine pneumatic nailers and the Paslode PowerMaster Plus F350-S Framing Nailer was in that mix.  I’m a fan of and have been using the F350 nailer for some time and was looking forward to testing the F350-S .

Paslode PowerMaster Plus Specifications

  • Collation Type:                        Paper
  • Depth Adjustment:                 Yes
  • Dry Fire Lockout:                   No
  • Fastener Length:                     2″ to 3-1/2″
  • Fastener Type / Gauge:         30º
  • Firing / Actuation Mode:      Yes
  • Jam Clearance:                       Yes
  • Magazine Capacity:               84
  • Magazine Loading:                Rear
  • Operating Pressure:              80-120 psi
  • Power Source:                         Pneumatic
  • Height:                                     13-1/2
  • Length:                                     19.3/8”
  • Width:                                      5-1/8
  • Weight                                     8.4 lbs.
  • Paslode PowerMaster Plus

Depth Adjustment

This Paslode framing nailer requires and on onboard Allen wrench  for depth adjustments on the Paslode nailer. This method is an old-fashioned approach, and we’d like to see Paslode include a depth adjustment knob on future generations.

Paslode Trigger

The Paslode requires that the trigger be swapped out, to change firing modes, between sequential and bump fire. While this isn’t ideal for a “do-it-all,” framing gun, it’s typical for full-time framers who use task-specific guns and operate in mostly the bump firing mode. Changing out the trigger was quick and easy, but I’m sure I’ll lose the trigger over time.  I’d like to see Paslode include a selector switch.

Rafter Hook

The Paslode PowerMaster Plus F350-S framing nailer has the BEST rafter hook of all the nailers Ive ever used. Paslode’s spring-loaded hook has a 2-1/2″ opening, is not reversible, has a 180-degree swing, and three detent positions [it locks in a stored position, at 90 degrees, and also swings against the magazine.]

Dry Fire Lockout

This feature prevents the nailer from firing when out of nails. Many manufacturers include this feature because it avoids unnecessary wear. It also eliminates the frustration of firing the nailer and discovering that the user has not set a nail. Bostitch is the only nailer without a dry fire lockout and was marked down for this. The team felt that lock-out is an important feature that Pros prefer.

Toe Nailing With the Paslode PowerMaster Plus F350-S

When toe-nailing, I held the Paslode nailer at approximately 60 degrees. Many framing nailer contact-tips slip in these situations, and the nailers with the most aggressive contact tip will toe-nail better. For toe-nailing framing applications, I used 3-1/2” nails to fasten 2×4 KD framing stud at an angle. The Paslode was powerful and gripped the wood well.

Using the Paslode PowerMaster Plus F350-S fFraming Nailer

I used the Paslode nailer to make LVL headers, install 3/4″ Advantec to LVL joists and toe nailing a stud wall.  Its clear that this nailer was designed for Pro framers – its no nonsense approach and “set-and-forget” adjustments are designed for a contractor that sets this tool up for specific fastening applications and doesn’t deviate.

The Paslode PowerMaster Plus F350-S framing nailer is powerful, well balanced, and rafter its hook is second to none.

How Much and Where To Buy?

The Paslode PowerMaster Plus F350-S sells online at ACME for approximately $249.00 See link below.

Paslode PowerMaster Plus F350-S Framing Nailer


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