Paslode 1-1/2″ Positive Placement Metal Connector Nailer Review

Paslode F150S-PP Positive Placement Metal Connector Nailer

Paslode 1-1/2" Positive Placement Nailer

Manufacturer: Paslode
Model number: F150S-PP
Weight: 6lbs. 4oz.
Paslode has introduced a new more compact positive placement metal connector nailer with the release of model F150S-PP. This new design features a more compact size along with a re-designed driver blade to prevent jams. Weighing in at just over 6 lbs this new positive placement nailer is sure to be a hit with framers. This new nailer has been on a few of our jobs recently and it’s been a great new addition to our arsenal.

Features and Specifications

  • Patented nose probe locates hole and guides nail as it’s driven
  • New driver blade’s crescent-shaped design prevents jams
  • Compact design allows you to work in tight spaces
  • Toothless adjustable exhaust cap easily moves air out of the way
  • Comfort grip provides greater comfort allowing you to work longer
  • Inline magazine is designed for balance, maneuverability, and unobstructed operation
  • Bypass Follower allows for faster loading
  • Lock-out eliminates blank firing and promotes driver blade durability
  • Weight: 6lbs. 4oz.
  • Nail Capacity: 1 strip
  • Air Req./100p.s.i. (6.9 bar): .086/cycle
  • Nail Size: 1-1/2″ Only

Compact Design

Seems like nearly all framing we do these days includes structural hangers and or engineered lumber. Many of the joist and rafter hangers are installed in tight spaces which makes having a compact positive placement nailer very convenient. This new compact design is ideal for tight to reach spaces especially with framing members that are spaced in the 12 inch or less spacing range.

The F150S-PP measures 13″ long, 11.7″ tall, and only 3.7″ wide. That is considerably smaller than it’s big brother the F250S-PP which is nearly 14″ tall and just over 19″ long with a width of 5″. 

Plenty of Power

While the F150S-PP may be a much more compact positive placement nailer, it’s certainly not lacking in the power department. This nailer operates from 90 – 120 psi and is very capable of sinking 1-1/2″ hanger nails into traditional framing and engineered lumber. We didn’t experience any short sets when framing decks and floor systems both in traditional lumber or engineered lumber.

Improved Driver Blade Design

The biggest change in the new Paslode F150S-PP vs the older PF150S-PP is the redesigned driver blade which now features a “crescent” bottom shape. This new shape is designed to reduce the nonoccurence of jams. The tip also provides excellent line of sight and fast response to find the hanger hole easily and quickly.

Capacity Vs Compact Design

Like anything in life often one benefit comes with a trade-off. The F150S-PP certainly has a trade-off in the fact that it’s compact design only allows 1 strip of nails. When you’re installing a lot of hangers this can certainly be annoying but then again if you’re working in tight spaces the shorter tool length makes a huge difference. Paslode does offer an extended (2) strip magazine (part #502316) which can be changed out to offer more nail capacity.The other thing that is a limitation on this model is the limitation of only 1-1/2″ nails. It would be really nice if this model also could shoot the 2-1/2″ nails as well.

Overall Impression – Paslode F150S-PP

The Paslode F150S-PP is an excellent positive placement nailer specifically designed for compact spaces and ease of use. Other than a limited nail capacity and only offering 1-1/2″ size fasteners this nailer has nothing worth noting for improvement. Priced just around $339 this should be a great seller for Paslode.



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