Bostitch GF28WW Cordless Framing Nailer ~ Review

Bostitch GF28WW Cordless Framing Nailer

Bostitch cordless Framing Nailer ReviewCordless nailers offer their user a lightweight and portable way to work and are perfect for framing crews, remodelers and contractors when performing small framing jobs like dormers, subflooring, sheathing and rot repairs. Using a cordless nailer on stagging, a ladder or while walking on top of a wall plate setting rafters or trusses is a lot safer if you do not have to deal with a pneumatic nailer  hose that inevitably gets tangles and snags on something every time you move.

The folks at Stanley Bostitch recently sent me their new Bostitch 28 degree Cordless Framing nailer to review. I was excited to review this nailer because Bostitch claimed that the Bostitch GF28WW nailer has ability to drive wire-weld clipped head nails without any conversion required as well as use their competitor’s fuel canisters.

First Impression

Taking it out of the box I noticed that the Bostitch GF28WW was ergonomically well designed. It fit nicely in my hand, was well balanced and the nailers tip lined up nicely with my arm when extended v- almost like an extension of my finger.
Bostitch Cordless Framing Nailer.  Wire Weld Nails Review

The handle , trigger and nail loading slide lever were all oversized which allows it to accommodate many hand sizes as well as benefit the user when wearing gloves. A few things I noticed right away were that the nails loaded – unloaded easy and smoothly and the 180 degree rafter hook was easy to use and solidly constructed.

Both the nickel-cadmium battery [Ni-Cad] and the fuel canister [not supplied] inserted easily and without any issues. The Ni-Cad battery is rechargeable and completes a full charge in just one hour. The fuel canister is rated for 1200 shots.

Product Specifications

What appealed the most to me was that the Bostitch GF28WW nailer had ability to drive full round head wire-weld framing nails as well as wire-weld clipped head nails without any conversion required.
Most building codes these days are requiring full head framing nails. They hold better and offer better hold-down and shear strength in seismic and high wind conditions. Another useful feature the Bostitch GF28WW touts is the ability to be able to use the competitor’s fuel canisters.

  1. Adjustable Rafter Hook allows users to hang tool on rafters and joists Bostitch Cordless Framing Nail gun
  2. Low Nail Lock-out prevents dry fire of nailer
  3. Drive Depth Adjustment
  4. Over-Molded Comfort Grip
  5. Nail Range Drives 2 to 3 ½-Inch nails
  6. Magazine Capacity 55 nails
  7. Drives 28° Wire-Weld Nails
  8. Lightweight at just 7.7 lbs.
  9. Over-Molded Grip for comfort and control

Testing The Bostitch GF28WW

I used this nailer to frame out a basement remodel with the full head nails and found it well balanced and easy to use. Loading and unloading the nails was a synch!

I tested the Bostitch GF28WW in all types of lumber and was impressed with the power when nailing into Laminated veneer lumber (LVL). The depth adjustment worked well . The model GF28WW features a depth of drive adjustment, which allows the user to set nails to desired depths with a few easy hex key adjustments. The hex key is securely stored in the magazine. I’m not a huge fan of having to use tools to adjust tools.

The rafter hook secured nicely on my tool belt was convenient when I needed a free hand to adjust something.

Overall Impression

Bostitch cordless Framing Nailer Review.  Ideal for framing crews, remodelers, and general contractors, the Bostitch GF28WW Cordless Wire Weld Framing Nailer The GF28WW was a pleasure to test.

The nailer fired every time without problems, drove nails to the proper depths, and is so well balanced that it feels lighter than 7.7 pounds.

I was also super impressed with the Bostitch designing the GF28WW with a convertible valve module that offers it’s user compatibility with Paslode®, Senco®, and Hitachi® cordless framing nailer fuel canisters.

My only issues or constructive criticism for Bostitch would be to sell the nailer with two batteries and consider using the Lithium-ion battery technology. The second constructive criticism for Bostitch would be to incorporate a tool less depth of drive adjustment.

When buying a cordless nailer you want to buy a tool that is easy to use, has minimal recoil, provides enough power, is easy to use, and well balanced. You also want to make sure that your nailer can be used on natural timber, and especially laminated engineered lumber and other materials without bogging down. That means being able to drive the nail flush or below flush if needed! The GF28WW easily accomplished this.

I was impressed with this nailer and recommend it to anyone who want to save time from setting up a compressor and hose for small framing jobs.

Where To Buy

The Bostitch GF28WW can be purchased at home centers, construction supply stores, lumbers yards and online here. It retails for approximately $320.00.

Purchase a  Bostitch Cordless Framing Nailer here.

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