Bostitch F28WW Industrial Stick Nailer Review

Model F28WW – 28° Industrial Framing Nailer System

Bostitch sent us a couple new framing nailers for a new project we’re working on. They sent us their F28WW – 28° Industrial Framing Nailer System. Our framing crew is always looking for an extremely versatile nailer that’s easy to use, light-weight and reliable. I think the crew has found their latest nailer love affair!

Features and Specifications

  • Patented push button adjustable depth guide sets nail to desired depths quickly and conveniently
  • Notched 16″ layout indicator on magazine helps achieve correct distance between studs in a matter of seconds
  • Lightweight magnesium design for added durability
  • Adjustable rafter hook allows users to hang tool on rafters and joists
  • Height 14.25″, 361.95mm
  • Length 20″, 508mm
  • Weight 7.6 lbs, 3.45 kilos
  • Driving Power 1050 Inch Lbs.
  • Fastener Gauge .113 – .131
  • Fastener Range 2″ to 3 1/2″ 28° Wire Collated Stick Framing Nails
  • Magazine Capacity 100 Nails
  • Operating Pressure 80-120 PSI
  • Thread Fitting Type 1/4″ NPT

Video Review

Overall Impression

The Bostitch F28WW Industrial Stick Nailer is a top quality, durable, production oriented nailer. We think it’s great and only has one very small item that we didn’t care for. The plastic rafter hook seems liable to damage in cold weather. If the hook was made from something more durable we’d probably give this nailer a perfect grade.

Where To Buy

The Bostitch F28WW is available at all Bostitch Dealers and online with several vendors. If you’d like to buy it only we’d recommend you use the following link to our Amazon Affiliate offering:


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  1. Jim P

    Great review- I actually purchased one at my local Lowes. Since no one was there to help, and this being my first framing nailer purchase, I also picked up the Bostitch Framing Fuel external canister to power it (I don’t have an air compressor) but I’m finding now the fuel says it fits the GF22WW. My nailer says its a F28WW. Is there a difference ? Can I use the small external fuel canisters to power this nailer or do I need to buy a compressor ? I’m not a pro, just small in-home projects, so if I can get away with the small canisters, I’d be happy. I didn’t see anything on Bostitch’s website to help at all. Hoping maybe you experimented with it.

    1. Todd Fratzel

      Jim – the F28WW is a pneumatic nailer. The fuel cannisters are for the gas powered nailers like the GFN1564K. Two completely different types of nailers. The F28WW requires a compressor.

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