DEWALT Metal Connector Nailer Review

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DEWALT Metal Connector Nailer Review

Dewalt Metal Connector Nailer Model DWMC150

Manufacturer: Dewalt
Model number: DWMC150
Price: $219.00
Power source: Pneumatic
With all of the extreme weather in the US in the last couple decades, the industry and building code has been refining building practices at a very rapid pace. One of the areas where these changes are the most prevalent is in the use of metal connectors to join critical framing members together. Companies like Simpson, MiTek, and others have developed all sorts of custom connectors for just about every framing joint under the sun. For field applied connectors, they can be applied with rated screws or rated nails. Nails are by far the fastest method when applied with special metal connector nailers. Big Yellow recently threw their hat into the ring and launched the Dewalt Metal Connector Nailer Model DWMC150. We’ve used it on a number of projects so far and it has earned a spot in our tool truck.Dewalt Metal Connector Nailer-3

Features and Specifications

  • Fits conveniently inside 12 in. on-center framing and other tight areasDewalt Metal Connector Nailer-6
  • Low nail lockout helps prevent jamming
  • Fastener placement made easy with exposed nail tip
  • In-line magazine for a well-balanced tool
  • 29 nail magazine
  • Full round head nails
  • Shoots 1-1/2″ 35 degree nails
  • Can use hot-dipped galvanized or non-galvanized nails
  • Tool-less adjustable rafter hook
  • Adjustable exhaust port
  • Operates from 70-120 psi
  • Case that includes spot for palm nailer

In Use

So far I’ve used this nailer to drive almost 5000 nails between a deck, screen porch, and building a house. Joist hangers, other decking and post connectors, 200+ hurricane ties, and numerous special skewed truss connectors. It is light, quick, and efficient. It fits into very tight spaces and has good power. These are all the things I want in a nailer and the Dewalt Metal Connector Nailer has it in spades.Dewalt Metal Connector Nailer-5

What I Love

This thing is light, powerful, and small. I hang it off my bags as I climb a ladder and position a connector, shoot all the nails, and then hang it on the next rafter. It just works really well for the job it does and it’s a pleasure to use. The rafter hook adds just a few ounces but is worth its weight in gold. The nailer shoots both hot-dipped and non-galvanized nails so it works with indoor and outdoor connectors.Dewalt Metal Connector Nailer-2

What Could Be Improved

One modification that I made to the gun is that I wrote the acceptable PSI range right on the nailer. It isn’t too big a deal but I’d love a little sticker on every nailer that gives max and min pressures. The other thing that could be improved is that Dewalt really needs to make a 2-1/2″ nailer that shares the attributes of the Dewalt Metal Connector nailer. I used another brand’s gun to drive the 2-1/2″ nails in the double shear holes and other holes that required a longer fastener. It was heavy, harder to use, and didn’t always put the nail in the hole. Come on Dewalt, give us another nailer!

Dewalt Metal Connector Nailer-4

Where to Buy

The Dewalt Metal Connector Nailer can be found at Home Depot and other Dewalt retailers. 

Dewalt Metal Connector Nailer Model DWMC150

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  1. regopit

    Looks just like the Bostitch. They are a very handy gun to have. With the amount of metal connectors you use today in building this is a must have. Nice write up.

  2. R.C. Oyler

    I’m on my 3rd Bostich Strapshot MCN150. What a poorly engineered piece of junk. Use these guns for boat anchors please. I can shoot 15 strips of nails, then it locks up and won’t shoot any more. Then I send it in for repair; it comes back and shoots great….for another15 strips. Who builds garbage like this? I can’t speak for the rest of you, but I can’t make money with this gun. I’m going to buy ANOTHER strap nailer-any brand but Bostich.

    1. Todd Fratzel

      Interesting. We have this nailer and it’s shot thousands of fasteners. Are you certain you’re using the correct fasteners?

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