Senco Fusion F-16A Review

Senco Fusion F-16A Cordless Angled Finish Nailer

Cordless nailers continue to gobble up market share in the pneumatic fastening market. Until recently there existed two basic options including nailers that relied on a fuel source (gas) or battery powered versions that used the power of a flywheel. Both of those technologies had advantages but now there’s another option and it’s at the top of my list. Welcome Fusion Technology from Senco!

The folks at Senco recently sent me one of their latest cordless nailers with the Fusion Technology, the F-16A Cordless Angled Finish Nailer. The F-16A offers a truly cordless pneumatic nailer without the hefty weight of a flywheel or the need for fuel cartridges. The nailer is strictly powered by an 18V Li-Ion battery pack and their patented Fusion Technology.

Features and Specifications


  • Firing Mode:    Selectable Actuation Trigger
  • Battery:    One Li-ion 18v
  • Charger:    80% in 15 minutes, 100% in 45 minutes
  • Tool Weight:    6.2 lbs (2.81kg)
  • Patented Reflex-Shot design
  • Robust aluminum drive cylinder
  • Rugged aluminum magazine
  • Eco-Friendly energy – 18v Li-ion battery
  • Selectable drive switch
  • Nose mounted LED light
  • Adjustable & reversible belt hook
  • Thumbwheel depth of drive
  • Innovative EZ-Clear feature
  • Includes case and charger
  • 2-year limited warranty

Fusion Technology

I’ve been using cordless nailers for years with very good luck. I’ve regularly used models from Paslode and Bostitch with very few complaints with the exception of one. Both brands use a fuel cell that contains gas. The gas is used for a combustion source that creates pressure in order to drive the fastener. The fuel cells can be expensive, stinky, and rather finicky in certain weather conditions. Needless to say I was really excited and somewhat skeptical when I read about Senco’s Fusion Technology. Boy was I in for a surprise!

Before we get into the actual performance from my field testing I think it’s important to understand how Fusion Technology works. Take a couple minutes and watch the following video from Senco that explains how this technology works.

Performance and Functionality

Now that you’ve seen how this impressive tool works let me chime in with my thoughts.

First and foremost I’m blown away at the design, features, and quality of this nailer. Right out of the box it’s quite easy to tell that the tool is built with top notch materials and skilled labor. The nailer is solidly built and extremely comfortable to use.

Like most all tools the factor that means the most is performance and the F-16A did more than perform it’s tasks but it also impressed the hell out of me. I used the new F-16A on several projects including door and window trim and trimming out some new cabinets I just built in my shop. The nailer performed way above my expectations and comes about as close to a pneumatic nailer as you can without attaching an air hose to it. It consistently fired the fasteners as quick as I could line up my shots.

In addition to consistently firing fasteners it also impressed me with regard to the following:

  • On/Off /Selectable Drive Switch – The on/off switch also sets a drive mode including single shot mode and bump mode. I really like how you can make this selection with the on/off switch but I’m completely perplexed as to who uses a bump switch with a finish nailer. Then again, maybe track home builders that get paid to work fast use them?
  • Balance and Comfort – The nailer is well balanced and comfortable to use and I found the grip comfortable. The one down side to the design is the weight. This nailer weighs in at just over 6 lbs while my Paslode finish nailer is just under 5 lbs. While that might not seem like a lot it sure can add up over the course of a day. The extra weight is almost certainly due to the 18V battery pack.
  • EZ-Clear Feature – The F-16A nailer is probably the easiest nailer to clear of jambs that I’ve ever used! Be sure to check out my video to see how quickly you can remove the entire fastener magazine and quickly clear a jamb. Very sweet design!!
  • Depth of Drive – The depth of drive adjustment is very easy to use. It’s located on the front of the nailer and makes adjustments quick and accurately.

Video Review

Check out the following review for additional thoughts and a closer look at the F-16A.

Final Thoughts

I love how competition throughout the tool industry continues to give us amazing new tools. Senco has raised the bar with regard to cordless nailers and Fusion Technology has me hooked. I’m so impressed that the F-16A gets my vote for best cordless finish nailer! It’s built from high quality materials and it works so well I almost forget it’s cordless. If you’re in the market for a cordless finish nailer then the Senco F-16A gets the highest vote of confidence from me. Go buy one!

Where To Buy

Senco nailers are sold at authorized dealers and online at several locations. If you’re interested in buying it online then I’d recommend you check out the following link from Amazon. Priced at $400 these are not cheap but I can tell you they are top notch.


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