Ryobi AirStrike P320 18-Gauge Brad Nailer Review

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Ryobi AirStrike 18-Gauge Brad Nailer

Ryobi P320 AirStrike Brad Nailer

Manufacturer: Ryobi
Model number: P320
Price: $129
Power source: 18V
Cordless tools continue to push for a life without cords and hoses! The folks at Ryobi just released an 18 gauge brad nailer that works off their 18 volt battery platform. Notice I didn’t say anything about a gas cartridge or hooking up an air hose. This bad boy works from their patented AirStrike Technology (built-in air compression). If this reminds you of the Senco nailers you’d be in similar territory with one huge exception and that’s the price!Ryobi AirStrike Brad Nailer

Features and Specifications

  • Selectable drive shift with single sequential or contact actuation
  • Contact actuated mode for production speed up to 60 nails per minute
  • Tool less depth-of-drive adjustment helps protect work surface and allows proper setting of nail heads
  • Single sequential mode for precision placement
  • Convenient adjustment dial regulates air pressure for optimum results
  • Dry-fire lockout feature extends tool life
  • Tool-less jam release for easy access to clear nails
  • Low nail indicator to quickly and easily see when it is time to re-load
  • Belt hook mounts to right or left side for added convenience
  • 2 non-marring pads to keep work surface free of tool marks
  • Battery and charger sold separatelyThis 18 gauge brad nailer features Airstrike Technology, which eliminates the need for noisy compressors, bulky hoses or expensive gas cartridges.
  • The Ryobi AirStrike P320 18-Gauge 2 in. Brad Nailer Drives 18 gauge nails from 5/8 in. to 2 in. length.

Todd Fratzel using the Ryobi P320 AirStrike Brad Nailer

Ryobi AirStrike Video Review

Surprising Performance

I recently had a chance to try the new Ryobi P320 Brad Nailer and I have to admit I was surprised at how well it performs. Running on any of the One+ battery packs that Ryobi offers the P320 had plenty of power to nail Birch trim and sink the head of the nail flush to the work surface. I’ve actually had trouble with some pneumatic nailers doing this task so I was quite surprised. I also tested the nailer on several other trim tasks including nailer pine and popular moldings, again the P320 had no trouble at all.

Ryobi P320 18V Brad Nailer

One of the features I love about the Ryobi P320 is the built-in LED lights on either side of the housing. Regular pneumatic nailers don’t have the luxury of power to offer this neat feature so it’s certainly a nice bonus. By placing two lights on the tool they have created a great area of light to either side of the safety tip. The lights are activated by depressing a 2nd trigger on the bottom of the handle with your middle finger.

Ryobi 18V P320 Brad Nailer

The P320 holds 18 gauge nails from 5/8″ long to 2″ long. This is a nice range of lengths and a good size clip that holds a full stick of nails. My only complaint/suggestion on this nailer is the fact that it shoots 18 ga nails instead of the more common 16 ga. I’m sure this is a result of trying to drive the nails with battery power vs using a gas cartridge. However, I’m not interested in trimming windows, doors, and baseboard with 18 ga fasteners. I’ll leave the smaller, more intricate trim details to the 18 ga nails. Hopefully in time they can take this technology up to heavier duty fasteners.

Ryobi P320 Depth Of DriveThe nailer features most of the features we all expect in a brad nailer today including: easy to use depth of drive adjustment (pictured at right), no mar pads on the housing and safety tip, comfortable overmold handle, and a nice front to back balance making the nailer comfortable to hold in lots of positions.

The nailer also has an easy to clear front nose assembly. Simply lift the lever to open up the front nose and expose the nail driver. The design seems pretty standard with regard to the drive head and depth of adjustment.

Overall Impression

This little brad nailer really surprised me. For only $129 it’s hard to argue that this 18V cordless brad nailer is worth keeping in the job trailer. Perfect for doing punch list work, applying moldings, and working where a compressor doesn’t make much sense. The Ryobi P320 will sell like hot cakes and make all kinds of wish lists this year. I just hope they can push this further to some larger fasteners like 16 gauge and staples.

Ryobi P320 AirStrike Brad Nailer

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  1. Picked up one of these the other day because wife didn’t want my air hoses running up the new stairs to do bedroom remodel. Very pleasantly surprised with its ability. I do use 18 guage for nearly all my trim work (except big crown). Works well, balanced well. No complaints. Does a better job than I expected and it’s nice to not have to worry about knocking things over with a hose. Ought to sell a version with a battery(ies) and charger for people that don’t already have any Ryobi 18-volt batteries, but I already had four batteries from other Ryobi tools.

  2. Duane

    I just picked one of these up today. Tested it on a few pieces of trim and so far I am really impressed. It’s nice not to break out the compressor and hose, especially since the baby and dog don’t like it at all.

    It would be nice if they sold one with the battery and charger but it was still around $200 for the unit, battery and charger. The only thing I can’t find anywhere is what nails can be used. I am assuming any brad nails can be used as long as they are the correct gauge and length specified. So Porter Cable, Dewalt, etc can be used with this gun?

    1. Todd Fratzel

      You are correct Duane. I think it’s as sweet finish nailer as well.

  3. Mark

    I also picked up one of these as well as the $99 drill kit with 2 batteries and a charger.Out the door for about $260 with tax. I doubt I’ll use the drill, but am very pleased with the nailer. Has been working great on window and baseboard trim for me!

    A year or so ago, I bought the 15g battery nailer Ridgid has. Have also been very happy with that too, although it’s overkill for trim (which is why I decided to give the ryobi a try). Figured I’d return it if I didn’t really like it. However, it won’t be going back!

    Bottom line, these guns work very well for what I do. It’s nice not having to drag the compressor, hoses, and nailers out very often anymore….

  4. […] off their popular AirStrike™ Brad Nailer Ryobi is now offering a crown stapler on the same platform. I was very impressed with the brad […]

  5. Steve OHara

    I like the airstrike nailer as well, but unfortunately, we’ve had to return it twice. It seems to last only for a few small jobs, and then the next time you bring it out to use it, it doesn’t engage the air compressor, or something, and so it “clicks” but doesn’t drive any brads.

    So buyer beware, you may want to get a service plan if you buy this tool.

    1. Bill Carmichael

      I’ve had 4 and all seem to do as you described and have not found anyone to repair them

    2. Sue

      Same problem here. Many fix it yourself videos online. I went thru the process and it worked a few more times until the driver gets jammed. Piece of crap! Not worth the hassle!

  6. Mike

    This is a great item for DIYers. Plenty of power for my home projects. Love it when it works properly. Just spoke to Ryobi because the drive pin is not recoiling all the way back to set up for the next nail. He recommended a drop of 3-1 oil. Hope that helps because I really like this tool.

    1. Todd Fratzel

      Oil is definitely important for all nailers. Good luck.

  7. Great review Todd Fratzel! These nailers from Ryobi are awesome I’ve been holding out till Dewalt comes out with them cus since I’m so invested already but any longer and I’m jumpin on these guys. Thanks Todd Fratzel for the review!

  8. Russ

    I plan do replace carpet on steps with 5/8 inch hardwood. Will this work?

  9. The push rod is not retracting in my ryobi nail gun it’s the angle shooting model

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