Senco PC1010N 1-Gallon Finish Trim Compressor

Senco PC1010N 1-Gallon Finish Trim Compressor Review

Pneumatic compressors come in all different shapes and sizes. From large fixed shop compressors to even small compact lightweight portable trim compressors Senco is delivering innovated fastening solutions that makes your work easier. The Senco PC1010N Finish Trim Compressor is a maintenance free designed compressor with some awesome features.


Compact Design Perfect For The Pro’s

The Senco PC1010N is definitely designed with the professional in mind. The compact size (14″ long and 13″ high) and lightweight design (21 pounds) allows for easy lifting and takes up less space than a pancake compressor.

PC1010N On the Jobsite

The Senco PC1010N arrived just in time for a kitchen remodel I was in the process of doing for a customer. The PC101N was exactly what I needed to get the trim complete. Doing the cabinet crown molding, toe kick and a few small sections baseboard trim did not bog down the compressor always trying to recover the air pressure. The PC1010N has a fast recovery time and is definitely easy on the ears.

PC1010N Recovery Time

Recovery time on a trim compressor is not one of the most important features as it would be if you were lets say framing but it definitely lessens delays waiting for the pressure to build back up. The recovery time on the PC1010 is between 30-40 seconds. My pancake compressor recovery time is much longer causing more of a delay and downtime waiting for it to build the pressure back up.

Reduced Noise Levels

The PC1010N Trim compressor is really quiet. The compressor runs at 68dBA.  A garbage disposal at 3ft runs about 90 dBA so in retrospect the PC1010N is soft sounding. The PC1010N is great for working inside smaller spaced rooms because you are not going to get all the echoes off the walls.  The kitchen remodel I was doing was a small kitchen with work from home customer. I felt that my noise level was not a bother to her.

PC1010N Manufacturing Specifications

  • Current Draw / Max Amp: 4amps @ 115v
  • Pump: Oil Free
  • Horsepower: 0.5HP
  • Max Pressure: 135PSI
  • Pump-Up Time: 125 seconds (0PSI-135PSI)
  • Recovery Time: 30 seconds (105PSI-135PSI)
  • Tank Storage: 1 Gallon
  • Power Type: Corded

PC1010N Control Panel

Another great feature worth mentioning on the PC1010N is the control panel. Senco included icons next to the Tank Pressure gauge and the Tool Pressure Gauge for easy identification when reading. The small grooved knob is easy to use even with a gloved hand.

Senco also included a nice roll bar style handle that will protect the compressor from damage if knocked around accidentally. There is a nice cushioned handle for comfort while carrying it.

Overall Impression

This compressor is great for small trim jobs such as windows, doors or baseboards. It is not recommended if you were trimming out an entire addition or a whole house of windows. It is geared more towards small punch list style projects. It makes great for shop work as well. It’s lightweight and compact size is well worth the investment.

Senco PC1010N Finish Trim Compressor

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