SENCO 4.5 Gallon Twin Stack Air Compressor PC0968N

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SENCO 4.5 Gallon Twin Stack Air Compressor PC0968N Review

My first set of pneumatic nailers was SENCO brand. I used them for 20 years until I gave them to a neighbor who rebuilt them and still uses them today. While my nailers lasted, my compressors did not. I have gone through at least 5 compressors in that time-span. I recently reviewed the SENCO 4.5 Gallon Twin Stack air compressor PC0968N.

SENCO 4.5 Gallon Twin Stack Air Compressor PC0968NThe SENCO 4.5 gallon twin stack air compressor is a 1-3/4 HP, 4 1/2 gallon air compressor that is built like a tank. This unit has a durable roll cage design with steel shrouds to protect all of the compressor parts and four non-slip rubber feet hold the unit in place and protect your work surface. The unit weighs 65 pounds and is a beast to carry.

Designed For The Pro Contractor

After months of field research SENCO specifically designed this new compressor with the pro contractor in mind and based on pro feedback. Common requests by pro contractors is that they want:

  • Faster recovery time
  • Ability to maintain tool operating pressure longer
  • Not trip electrical breakers
  • Be able to run multiple tools
  • Eliminate oil

7 Major Features Pros Wanted

  1. The 200 PSI max operating system produces about 40 percent more usable air than a 150 PSI unit, so users can run tools longer and complete projects faster.
  1. Delivers up to 4.9 SCFM at 90 PSI, providing plenty of air flow and tank storage for multiple construction projects
  1. Dual couplers for multi-tool use
  1. Motor has a 95V start for use on job sites that may only have a temporary electric pole or a generator. This alone is a game changer!
  1. An oil-free pump design eliminates the need for oil and regular maintenance. Unit can be transported and stored horizontally or vertically without worrying about oil spills.
  1. Full roll cage design protects vital compressor components.
  1. Multiple grip points make the units easy to transport and store.

SENCO 4.5 Gallon Twin Stack Air Compressor PC0968NPerformance

The SENCO 4.5 Gallon Twin Stack air compressor PC0968N performs as expected and was more than a match for my finish crew. On a recent remodel we had two finish guns and a flooring nailer running at the same time. You’d expect the compressor to be recycling all the time – it didn’t.


The older I get the more sensitive I am to noise. This compressor is not a super quiet one it maxed out at 95 decibels at the motor and 85 decibels 16-feet away at chest height.


The SENCO 4.5 Gallon Twin Stack air compressor PC0968N does everything you’d want in a crew compressor.   The only thing I don’t get excited about is the weight. At 65-pounds this tool carries some heft.


The SENCO 4.5 Gallon Twin Stack air compressor PC0968N sells for approximately $295.5 here: Senco-PC0968N-Compressor-1-75hp-4-5galr


When I’m in the shop I’m using the larger Senco PC0970, when alone I use the PC0947 or the PC1280, but when I’m running a larger crew or pushing a lot or large fasteners the SENCO 4.5 Gallon Twin Stack air compressor PC0968N is where its at!

SENCO 4.5 Gallon Twin Stack air compressor PC0968N Video Review


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