Porter-Cable C2004-WK Compressor Review

Porter-Cable C2004-WK 165 PSI Four-Gallon Compressor

The folks at Porter-Cable recently sent us their all new pancake-style four gallong compressor, the C2004-WK. The C2004-WK was released this fall and features higher working pressure, lighter weight and a smaller size. All of these new features make it an exciting new option in the pancake-style segment.

C2004-WK Features

  • 165 psi max pressure, 4 gallon tank for longer tool runtimes in a more compact, lighter design
  • 2.6 SCFM* at 90 psi for fast recovery time (*per ISO1217)
  • Low Amp 120V motor starts easily in cold weather or with extension cord
  • Only 29 lbs for easy portability

“In response to the need for a quieter, more compact unit that will perform well for a long time, the C2004-WK offers convenience and efficiency on the jobsite,” said James Vintzel, product manager for PORTER-CABLE. “The C2004-WK is the perfect solution for contractors that demand compressors to ‘keep up’ while featuring the ability to support up to three nailers at once.”

Weighing a best-in-class 29 lbs. and featuring a 20 percent more compact size than previous PORTER-CABLE models, the C2004-WK is the most portable pancake air compressor on the market. The unit also has an ergonomic handle design located six-inches from the side making the unit easy to transport. In addition, redesigned components and added noise reduction material drops the sound level to an industry tested 75.5 decibels (dBA), making it 30 percent quieter than other PORTER-CABLE models.**

** Tested per ISO3744

Porter-Cable C2004-WK Review

Pancake style compressors have been a workforce for carpenters doing trim work and punch lists for years. While advertised as portable they were often quite heavy and difficult to move from job to job without some sort of strain from workers. Many of the early pancake style compressors weighed in excess of 50 lbs. So we were certainly excited to give this new lighter more powerful compressor a good test.

Light Weight & Portable

It didn’t take long for us to be impressed with the lighter more portable feel of the C2004-WK compressor. The handle is well designed so that the weight of the compressor is kept close to the body for additional comfort. Weighing in at only 29 lbs it felt like a feather compared to some of our heavier compressors.

Quieter Design

The other really impressive feature of the new C2004-WK is how quiet it runs. Compressors have been traditionally VERY loud and quite a nuisance especially when doing finish work in someones home. This compressor seems less than half as loud as my older pancake style compressor. Kudos for this extremely important feature.

Other Notable Features

The controls on the new C2004-WK are fairly straight forward including the regulator control valve, a tank pressure gauge and also a tool pressure gauge. The dials are easy to read and the control valve is easy to adjust.

The C2004-WK also features an improved ball-valve for easier moisture drainage. This is nice because most older compressors have cheap valves that get stuck and make it impossible to drain damaging moisture.

The compressor also has a nice electrical cord storage lug built on the side.


We tested the C2004-WK doing some standard trim work around windows and doors. The compressor was hooked up to two finish nailers. The compressor had no difficulty supplying sufficient air and pressure to both nailers. We also tested it hooked up to a positive placement hanger nailer which worked very well. The higher pressure is great for driving the nails into engineered lumber.

Final Thoughts

The Porter-Cable C2004-WK maybe appear to be a small compressor but it functions like a much larger heavier version. Producing up to 165 psi while operating much quieter than comparable compressors the C2004-WK really impressed us.

The compressor comes with two factory installed couplers (nice feature for running multiple nailers) along with a nice 25′ polyurethane hose (again with factory installed fittings). All this makes for a great small portable compressor for finish carpentry, punch lists and even home owner projects. This is a compressor that we recommend for anyone in the market for a small pancake-style.

If there was one thing that we would like to see improved upon it’s the location of the pressure adjustment valve. Over the years I have personally broken several of these on pancake style compressors when it rolls over in the back of the truck going around a corner. This is a minor issue but one that I would REALLY like to see designers address.

Overall this new compressor gets a serious thumbs up!!

Where To Buy

The C2004-WK can be purchased for just over $200 at authorized Porter-Cable stores or online at:

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  1. Richard

    Nice review! This compressor looks like just want I wanted. I’ve been doing my research and eying the C2002 but was scared off by the noise level. Glad to see the C2004 is quieter. I’m confused, though. The C2004 isn’t listed on porter cable’s website and I can’t find any combo kits that used it (e.g., finish nailer, brad nailer). I’m guessing that it hasn’t sold well b/c people misinterpret the smaller 4-gal tank to mean it’s not as powerful. I hope I’m wrong and that combo kits are coming. Any thoughts?

    1. Todd Fratzel

      Richard – It’s definitely a very quiet compressor. According to the folks at Porter-Cable the following will be available:

      HP1PAK-B 2-inch Brad & 165 PSI Compressor Combo Kit $299
      HP1PAK-F Finish Nailer & 165 PSI Compressor Combo Kit $259
      HP2PAK Finish, Brad & 165 PSI Compressor Combo Kit $279
      HP3PAK Finish, Brad, Stapler & 165 PSI Compressor Combo Kit $319

    2. Todd Fratzel

      I’ll also reach out to Porter-Cable and find out where they will be sold.

  2. Richard

    Thanks Todd. I googled “porter cable hp3pak” and the only hits I got were for the press releases back in September. Any guess as to when the kits will hit the market? Worst case scenario is I buy everything piecemeal, but the kits have such a nice savings I’d rather go that route if possible.

    1. Todd Fratzel

      The PR person said he would get back to me today hopefully.

      1. Nadeem

        Any update on when the 3 pack would be available? It’s been almost a year since the compressor was released, but still no combo packs?

        1. Todd Fratzel

          My understanding is the compressor is not being included in combo packs. I’ll look into it again though.

  3. Joe Mitchell

    Do you know if Porter Cable replaced the pressure regulator with one that lasts longer or is less expensive to replace? I have a slightly older version of this exact compressor and the regulator went out after only a few months of use. A replacement stock regulator for this compressor is $120. My friends and I that have had the regulator go out purchace $20 Husky regulators and a few brass fittings to get it back up and going but it would be nice to have the stock configuration back so I could put back on the shroud. Several review sites I have read have members mentioning that the compressor stops working after limited use and I believe it is the regulator on theirs as well and not the compressor itself. I tried to get in contact with Porter Cable about this problem and was lead through a never ending phone tree and two PR people that never got back with me. I will never again purchase a compressor from them until I know they get their parts right. It seems ever since Porter Cable/Delta was purchased by Black and Decker that their quality has gone down the tubes. If you have any insight on this I would appreciate it if you could address it. Possibly put the compressor to work for several months and see if it holds up and reply back with an update.

    Thank you,

    Joe Mitchell

    1. Todd Fratzel

      I’ve been using mine now for 6 months with no issues. However, I’ll contact Porter-Cable myself and share your comment and see if I can get a resolution. Before I do that could you tell me the exact model number of yours so I have all the info?

      1. I’ve been running Porter-Cable compressors for several years. I have a few of them or varying sizes.

        I don’t have the C2004 but I am a big fan of Porter-Cable compressors

        1. Joe Mitchell


          The compressor I have is the C2002-WK. Any information you can get from Porter-Cable would be greatly appreciated.

          1. Todd Fratzel

            I’ll get back to you.

    2. mario

      tray parts- warehouse

  4. Jim

    I cannot find a dealer who carries the C-2004

    1. Todd Fratzel

      That particular model is sold exclusively by Lowe’s.

    2. Hello there, just letting you know that i just bought a C2004-WK 4 GALLON 165 psi from Home Depot here in Brandon,MB Canada.

  5. Jij

    Lowes does not even list on web catalog

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