Stihl FSA 56 Cordless Trimmer Review

Stihl FSA 56 Cordless Trimmer Review

I was wrong. I was wrong about cordless outdoor power equipment (OPE). I used to think it was a gimmick. That it was for people that didn’t understand engines. I thought it was for people in metropolitan areas with postage stamp-sized yards. I couldn’t have been more wrong about all of it. I am now a proud cordless trimmer user.

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My wife at 8 months pregnant can easily handle it

Cordless Trimmer Epiphany

I’m sure there are many of you reading this now and thinking,  “Cordless OPE isn’t for me.” I was right there with you. In fact, I was probably one of the staunchest detractors. To be perfectly honest, Stihl’s media event hadn’t convinced me that it was for me. I had held it in my hand, I had used it, albeit briefly, but used it all the same. I still wasn’t convinced. It took an epiphany.

The epiphany came about a month after I had been using the product. I was mowing the lawn and my wife wanted to trim the grass. She had never trimmed in her life. I showed her the controls and away she went. It didn’t take long and she was done. The cordless trimmer was so easy that someone with absolutely zero experience could just grab it and go. I was converted.

FSA 56 Cordless Trimmer Features and SpecificationsFSA 56 cordless trimmer -8

  • WEIGHT w/o Battery 2.5 kg. (5.5 lbs.)
  • WEIGHT w/ AK 10 3.3 kg. (7.3 lbs.)
  • RUN TIME (w/ AK 10) – Up to 17 minutes (if running constantly)
  • RUN TIME (w/ AK 20) – Up to 34 minutes (if running constantly)
  • CUTTING WIDTH – 28 cm (11″)
  • LINE CAPACITY – 16′ (2 – 8′ strings) of .080″/2.0mm Quiet Line
  • VOLTAGE – 36V
  • Instant Start up
  • Adjustable Handle Position and Shaft Length
  • Autocut 2-2 Bump Feed head

No Gas All Go

I’ve read plenty of reviews of cordless OPE where the reviewer lamented years of struggling starting 2-stroke equipment. That’s never been my issue and maybe it hasn’t been your issue either. So why should you care about a cordless trimmer? Even if your equipment works flawlessly all the time, you still have to maintain it. You still have to buy and mix gas. You still have to fuel up your trimmer and then you still have to start it. The real boon of a cordless trimmer is that you click in the battery and you’re good to go. The other huge benefit is the much lighter weight.

If you’ve had engine trouble in the past, I’m preaching to the choir here. You can already imagine how great it would be not to have to futz with a gas engine in any way. Not even a single pull of the rope because there is no rope.

Why STIHL Over Other Brands?

The cordless OPE market has blown up in the last few years with seemingly every OPE manufacturer as well as every power tool manufacturer putting out cordless offerings. So why should you or anyone else pick a Stihl cordless trimmer or other equipment over another brand? STIHL would like to give you over 9,000 reasons. That’s how many independent servicing dealers they have in the US. They are fully trained in the operation and repair of every Stihl product they sell. Sure you can buy a cordless trimmer at Lowes or Home Depot but if you have an issue with it down the road, they can’t fix it for you.

Why the Stihl FSA 56 Cordless Trimmer?

Stihl currently has a total of 5 cordless trimmer offerings. How do you know which one is right for you? Stihl has three tiers of cordless OPE delineated by the size of the yard or the frequency of usage. The AI line (integrated battery) are for small, urban yards or occasional use. The AK line is for medium suburban yards or frequent use. The AP line is for large yards or professional use.FSA 56 cordless trimmer 1

I picked the FSA 56 because while I have a smaller yard (1/3 acre), I’m a frequent user. We have a number of things to trim around in our yard from our kids play structure, to deck posts, landscaping, and a firepit/patio area. Additionally, I use the trimmer to maintain our cabin up in Northern Minnesota. We used to keep a 2-stroke trimmer up there but the FSA 56 cordless trimmer is just easier.

Stihl says that the FSA 56 with the AK-10 battery can trim up to 5 football fields in length. That’s of course dependent on length and type of grass and the feed rate (how fast you trim). While I didn’t test this specifically, I’ve had more than enough power to completely trim my lawn. Sometimes I get almost two trims before recharging.

Stihl lists the runtime of the FSA 56 cordless trimmer as 17 minutes with the AK-10 battery. To be perfectly honest, that doesn’t sound like much and it isn’t until you consider how you trim. You pull the trigger, trim around an object, let go of the trigger, and walk to the next object. A cordless trimmer doesn’t constantly run like a gas unit. Trimming is so quiet with a cordless trimmer. It’s just the whir of the line and then silence as you walk to the next trimmable object.

Reloading the AutoCut 2-2 Cordless Trimmer Head

Rewinding the Spool You Have

NOTE: The trimmer comes with .080″/2.0mm Quiet Line but I wasn’t able to get that off the shelf in bulk from the two largest dealers in town. They would have had to order it. Not knowing any better I bought it. I was able to rewind the spool with .080″/2.0mm Premium Round Line (green color) but the cut ends mushroom a little making it tougher to thread into the channels in the head. I assure you it’s very possible but threading the Quiet Line is much easier if it’s available.

Replacing the Spool with a Pre-Wound One

Where to Buy

The Stihl FSA 56 cordless trimmer can be purchased from your local independent servicing Stihl dealer and is available as a bare tool for $149.95 or as a kit that includes the AK-10 battery and charger for $199.95.

Plenty of snort for the thick stuff

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