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As always we like to consider this category as an important part of your decision as a consumer and professional to decide what is the right price point for you or your business. Obviously the battery platform you may already have will impact the upfront cost, but assuming you aren’t considering the purchase of a bare tool, the value category is based on quality and features against cost. We use prices available on online retailers and MSRP to determine average cost of the tool.

Each of the prices below include the drill along with two batteries and a charger. Bosch, DEWALT and Makita included 4.0 Ah battery packs, while Hilti is a 2.6 Ah and Senco is a 1.5 Ah.

  • Bosch SGH182-01: $349 + $125 for collated attachment
  • DEWALT DCF620M2 : $269 + $83 for collated attachment
  • HILTI SD 4500-A18: $539 (includes collated attachment)
  • Makita XSF03M: $339 (no attachment available)
  • SENCO DS215: $268 (no attachment needed)

DEWALT’s DCF620M2 is very aggressively priced similar to the SENCO. However, the DEWALT comes with two 4.0 Ah batteries whereas the SENCO offers two 1.5 Ah packs which in our opinion is a huge value difference. One might make the argument that the SENCO should win this category as it’s the cheapest option if you’re looking for a collated solution.

DEWALT cordless screw gun

SENCO’s all in one cost, no need to shell out more cash for collated capabilities, makes it an attractive offer. The performance is a big piece also, but where it lacks in versatility makes this one task tool fall short of the versatility of the DEWALT.

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  1. Mike Cormier

    Do the Dewalt and Bosch collated attachments accept various lengths of screws? The Hilti attachment you tested only accepts 1-1/4″screws but their other attachment accepts screws from 1″-2″ in similar strips like those used in the Dewalt, Bosch and Senco. It also can be bought with smaller batteries that would reduce weight.

    Side note: Makita sells a collated only gun like the Senco and they also sell smaller batteries to reduce weight.

    In the end, I agree with your choice of Dewalt based on the entire series including their Rotozip. It will be a big deal when they package the gun with the collated attachment and the Rotozip in one bag.

    1. Todd Fratzel

      The Bosch attachment will accept screw lengths from 1″ to 2-5/8″ long. The DEWALT accepts 1″ to 2″ in length. DEWALT does sell a combo kit with the screw gun, cutout tool, in a bag with two 2.0 Ah battery packs for $279. It’s model DCK263D2.

  2. Martijn Dingjan

    @ Mike Cormier: Rotozip is a part of Bosch and shares the battery platform, in Europe they changed it to a Bosch tool:
    Bosch also has 6Ah batteries and even 2Ah wireless chargeable batteries.
    I guess the battery platform already owned will determine which one would go for.

  3. Carl

    Hilti smd 50 attachment uses senco strips.

  4. Sean

    Makita has a cutout tool too. For drywall

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