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Robert Robillard is also the Editor of Tool Box Buzz and the editor of the blog, A Concord Carpenter and principal of a carpentry and renovation business located in Concord, Massachusetts. Rob hosts the Concord Carpenter Cable TV Show, offering the do-it-yourself audience in Boston's Meto West region expert advice on home repairs and maintenance. Rob is a recognized leader in tool and how-to information for building professionals. He enjoys using his knowledge and experience to help and educate on best practices in the remodeling industry. The Concord Carpenter's motto: "Well done is better than well said!" : Read more about Rob RobillardRob Robillard

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Milwaukee M18 Hand Vacuum

Milwaukee M18 Compact Vacuum 0882-20 Review What’s red, looks like a tea kettle and sucks?  Give up? Its the Milwaukee M18 Hand Vacuum, it doesn’t actually suck in a bad way, it’s 40 CFMs suck up dirt and dust such as, drywall dust, and saw dust. We recently took this vacuum on some service and punch list […]

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Dewalt DWHT75900 Carbon Fiber Hammer Tacker

Dewalt DWHT75900 Carbon Fiber Staple Hammer Dewalt has been releasing some exciting new tools lately. One particular area that we’ve seen a lot of innovation in is their Perform and Protect feature. Depending on the tool, this feature is designed to protect the user against dust inhalation, loss of control, and vibration.  The new Dewalt DWHT75900 […]

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Milwaukee Ax Carbide Sawzall Blade

Milwaukee Ax Reciprocating Blade  A reciprocating saw, used in construction and demolition work, achieves its cutting action through a push-and-pull (“reciprocating”) motion of the blade. This type of saw, is also known as a recip saw, or Sawzall. 65 years ago Milwaukee invented the reciprocating saw, and since then, SAWZALL is a name that has been […]

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Bosch 1 Inch SDS-plus Bulldog Rotary Hammer

Bosch GBH18V-26 18-Volt Brushless 1 In. SDS-plus Bulldog Rotary Hammer Lithium-ion, advanced electronics and brushless motors have changed the rules of cordless tool.  Today’s 18volt cordless tools simply crush their earlier compadres from years past in both power and runtime. The Bosch 1 Inch SDS-plus Bulldog Rotary Hammer is no exception.   Bosch is one company that […]

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Festool RTS 400 REQ and DTS 400 REQ Compact Sanders

Festool Compact Sanders My first sander was a block of wood with sand paper. No I’m kidding it was a Craftsman 5″ square pad sander that had spring loaded clips for clamping the sandpaper down. That was in 1989 and I kept it in operation for at least 8 years. Its amazing to think about […]

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Campbell Hausfeld 6-gallon Quiet Compressor

Campbell Hausfeld 1 H.P. Compressor, Model DC060500 Review Air compressors are found in a wide range of environments and an even wider range of uses. My first experience with an air compressor was at the gas station helping my dad add air to our family vehicle’s tires. Then there was the excitement as a kid watching construction […]

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Milwaukee M18 FUEL Cordless Miter Saw Review

Milwaukee M18 FUEL Brushless 10-Inch Miter Saw 2734-21 Milwaukee recently took their “cordless job site” goal to the next level by releasing the Milwaukee M18 FUEL Dual Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw, Model 2734-21 . Until now miter saws have been an AC (corded) dominant power tool and for good reason. Trying to get corded […]

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FESTOOL Dust Extractors

FESTOOL Cleantec HEPA Dust Extractors Festool, the only company that manufactures a vacuum designed especially for their tools is looking to create the perfect tool to vacuum relationship. Some call it a workshop love affair, I call it genius! Below is some information I learned about FESTOOL Dust Extractors. For US and Canada users Festool has four categories […]

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Festool Pro 5 LTD Sander

Festool Pro 5 LTD Sander  Last September I had the opportunity to visit Festool headquarters in Stughartt Germany where I tested some new and improved tools. At that time we were not able to share this information with you, but I can now! Say hello to the Festool Pro5 LTD Sander Festool Pro5 Random Orbital Sander […]

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Milwaukee M12 LED Compact Flood Light

Milwaukee M12 Rover Flood Light Review 2364-20 The Milwaukee M12 LED Compact Flood Light  is the missing link in the M12 platform.  Sure Milwaukee had the M12 lantern and stick light, but this one its different. Its designed more box shaped with a lower more stable base and an angled lens bezel. The light measures 5-1/2″ […]

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